Components Home Assistant "Garbage Collection"

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Proconductor: bruxy70
Availability: At Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: custom component for Home Assistant
Implementation difficulties: bassa


"Garbage Collection"Is a custom component (hence an unofficial component) of Home Assistant useful to create with extreme simplicity of the virtual sensors that indicate the prossimo differentiated waste collection, which is particularly useful especially to define notification automatisms starting from profirst home automation (via text notifications or messages from the smart speaker - or other).

Home Assistant - Garbage Collector sample
An example of an interface generated through "Garbage Collection".


To acquire garbage collection - being an "external" component - it is necessary to install it.
The installation can be done manually, but the most practical thing (also with a view to subsequent updates)namenti) is to install it through HACS.

We have dedicated this configuration a guide .

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