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The "Input Number" component di Home Assistant it allows to create "sliders" that allow, through the frontend graphic interface, to acquire a variable number included in a defined interval.

Home Assistant - Input Number
a double example of a slider

This element it is convenient especially when defining automations: it is in fact useful to be able to insert variable values ​​based on the conditions of use.

Define a box or a slider by component "Input Number" it's very simple. An example of configuration in configuration.yaml is the following:

    name: FAN Max°
    initial: 29
    min: 27
    max: 31
    step: 0.1
    name: FAN Min°
    initial: 26
    min: 24
    max: 28
    step: 0.1


input_numberdefines the configuration block related to the box / slider (multiple can be defined)
name(string, optional) defines the name of the box / slider
min/max(decimal, mandatory) the values ​​that define the low and high apex of the slider interval
initial(decimal, optional) initial position of the box / slider
step(decimal, optional) resolution of the slider
mode(box | slider, optional) whether to display a box or a slider (default: slider)
unit_of_measurement(string, optional) the unit of measurement of the box / slider
icon(string, optional) the icon to associate

If the "Recorder" component is active, the boxes / sliders maintain, even after a restart of Home Assistant, the last registered numeric status, as long as the variable "initialno is valued.

Automation examples

The one to follow is an example of automation in which a input_number is used as trigger of an automation. Given the change in the value of theinput_number, the lights are turned on:

    name: Brightness
    initial: 254
    min: 0
    max: 254
    step: 1
  - alias: Regolazione luminosità stanza
      platform: state
      entity_id: input_number.luminosita_stanza
      - service: light.turn_on
          entity_id: light.bedroom
          brightness: "{{ trigger.to_state.state | int }}"

In this other example, two input_number (minutes and seconds) are used to adjust the automation start delay,

    name: minuti
    icon: mdi:clock-start
    initial: 3
    min: 0
    max: 6
    step: 1
    name: secondi
    icon: mdi:clock-start
    initial: 30
    min: 0
    max: 60
    step: 10
 - alias: Spegni qualcosa dopo X secondi dalla propria accensione
     platform: state
     entity_id: switch.something
     to: 'on'
     - delay: '00:{{ states.input_number.minutes.state | int }}:{{ states.input_number.seconds.state | int }}'
     - service: switch.turn_off
       entity_id: switch.something

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