Components Home Assistant "SmartIR”

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Proconductor: Vassilis Panos
Availability: At Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: component (custom) Home Assistant
Implementation difficulties: medio/bassa

Broadlink  RM  Pro

"SmartIR"Is a custom component (therefore external, unofficial) for Home Assistant which allows you to configure at that HUB of the entity various types of home automation (air conditioners, fans, media player) which in turn control, via physical infrared actuators Broadlink (RM Mini 3, RM PRO or similar models equipped with infrared / radio), Conditioners / inverter usually controlled via infrared remote control or radio frequency.

In essence SmartIR it is a very simple component - combined with an actuator Broadlink - which makes it easy to integrate into the profirst home automation based on Home Assistant of non-native home automation devices, making them such. To this proPosito we recommend reading the focus dedicated to domotization of what is not domotic.

SmartIR it declines in three different elements:

Smart IR ClimateTo check air conditioners, air conditioners and inverters traditional controllable via remote control
Smart IR FanTo check fans traditional controllable via remote control
Smart IR Media PlayerTo check media player traditional (TV, receivers, amplifiers etc.) controllable via remote control


To equip itself with SmartIR - being an "external" component - it is necessary to install it.
Installation can be done manually, but from the 1.6.x version it is possible to install it via HACS. For installation and configuration please refer to the guides e projets on the site dedicated to the topic.

Home Assistant Official LogoATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Home Assistant, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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