ConBee (BRIDGE/Gateway USB Zigbee)

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Proconductor: Phoscon
Category: BRIDGE/Gateway ZigBee↔︎TCP/IP
Type: USB dongle
Technologies: TCP/IP by Wi-Fi / ZigBee
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Media
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.0

ATTENTION: ConBee has been replaced by the new model, the ConBee II.


The "ConBee”Of the Dresden Elektronik is a small and cheap USB dongle which allows Raspberry Pi (or any traditional computer) to implement radio transmission / reception via proProtocol ZigBee. As you know, different promanufacturers have opted this procommunication protocol as standard of the profirst home automation solutions: is the case of the note line products Philips HUE, Xiaomi Aqara, Ikea TRÅDFRI and many others.

"ConBee”It is particularly useful to solve a specific one proproblem: mounted on a computer and used in conjunction with a personale HUB (Home Assistant, Homebridge etc.), this module allows you to check different devices, of different proproducers, who use different declinations of the proProtocol ZigBee.

This module is assembled in a few seconds via USB on the computer, after which it can be controlled by the software we prefer - as mentioned, typically a personal HUB(but not only). It is a component low consumption procast for coverage up to 500 meters (net of any obstacles), and is compatible with any computer equipped with a standard USB port.

In particular

"ConBeee"Makes available il proProtocol ZigBee to the operating environment of the computer that mounts it, thus turning it into a BRIDGE/Gateway compatible with that proProtocol. This means that if you have home automation components based on ZigBee (which typically need, in order to be controlled, a "collector", a BRIDGE appunto) it will be possible check them directly - through the software installed on the computer - without the need to implement the BRIDGE/Gateway solitamente proplace in havenamento.

As anticipated, an example of components that can be controlled by “ConBee"Is that of the line Philips "Hue" which, based on proprio device "Philis Hue Bridge”, Can see its components controlled directly by Raspberry without going through the proprio BRIDGE (or in abbinamento). Same goes for the line "Smart Home"Of Xiaomi IKEA TRÅDFRI and many, many others.

The adoption of this type of component essentially allows to avoid the hateful vendor lock-in indirectly given by the adoption a BRIDGE/Gateway different for each line products.

Domotics integrability

Obviously when you use "ConBee"To check one or more components ZigBee it will also be necessary to use some software such as integrate to ours HUB personal. These softwares - typically free - use the bees deCONZ made and made available by progiver Dresden Elektronik.


In case theHUB adopted both Home Assistant the solution is to implement the component "deCONZ", Component included of theHUB which allows to integrate a wide range of components ZigBee:

  • Binary Sensor
  • Climate
  • Cover
  • Light
  • Sensor
  • Switch

The list officially supported devices are available in part on the component page and partly on his Wiki section.

A curiosity: we have discovered, appromerging the experimentation, that the adoption of "RaspBee"Coupled with"deCONZ”Allows to integrate the motion sensor Philips Hue in a "native" way, allowing us to use it for what it is - something not possible with in component Philips Hue di Home Assistant.


Also Homebridge benefits from probefore declination of deCONZ, which in this area it becomes a plugin in order to allow theapp "House of Appto manage devices ZigBee.

openHAB and Domoticz

Similarly, deCONZ is available as binding for openHAB be like Plugin for Domoticz.

In practice, deCONZ has declined on any personale HUB: the deCONZ APIs are in fact available to the community which, in addition to making available to the HUB such functionalities can give life to others projets based on these features (app furnishings, app desktop and more).


The user manual is available here.

Linux compatibility

The complete list (and continuously updatednamento) of the devices ZigBee compatible with ConBee is available here.


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