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Proconductor: DuckDNS
Availability: on-line
Category: online service
Type: dynamic DNS
Implementation difficulties: low

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DuckDNS is a free service particularly useful when ours provider internet it does not offer (as in 99% of cases) a static WAS IP associated with the modem-access router.

Most of the time the address of our router changes over time, therefore it is not possible to connect to "safe strike", remotely, to proyour modem-router and / or our underlying LAN network.

DuckDNS is a Dynamic DNS service that helps us profirst in this: allowing us to define a third-level domain name (under the second level hierarchy and by allowing us, by automatisms, to keep the router name / WAN domain name updated, it allows us (via DNS resolution of the domain name) to always connect to our modem-router / LAN housekeeper regardless of changes in the IP.

A typical domain provided by DuckDNS could be:

Using DuckDNS is very simple: it is sufficient to register (for free) and indicate the chosen domain name. Once this is done, a host inside the profirst LAN (or directly the modem-router, if it supports the service, for example the ASUSWRT) prosee cyclically at the latestnamento of the aforementioned combination.

DuckDNS It provides a wide guide for installation on various operating systems; inDomus has provided one profirst guide dedicated to installation at Raspberry (Raspbian).

Il servizio it's particularly convenient when you want log in remotely to profirst personal home automation (Eg with Home AssistantAlso in version HASSIO).

Automatically update DuckDNS from profirst Raspberry

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