Elve "Eve"

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Proconductor: Eve Systems
Availability: At Appthe Stores
Category: software
Type: app mobile
Implementation difficulties: low

Elvate Eve - LogoElve "Eve" it's a'appfree development developed by the German company Elgato Systems and designed expressly for device control Appthe HomeKits, obviously including those of the profirst line "Eve Home", all natively compatible with this standard.

The reason why inDomus it has gone to include that app mobile (for the final management tools based on AppiOS, then iPhone / iPad) in the proprio component catalog (software) is given by the fact that, in addition to the aforementioned capacity of theapp to check i prolearned Eve Home, it provides an "additional layer" of functionality to those already present on theapp "House of Appthe iOS.

Elve "Eve", in effect, allows you to configure the profirst home automation based on Appthe HomeKit so even more customizable and complete than theapp "Home": especially in automations, Eve allows to configure more complex automatisms than can be done with theapp home "Appthe".

At the start, Eve automatically collects all the information present on Appthe "House" to then be able to modify the pre-existing automations adding to them, for example, different “trigger"And, above all, different" conditions "for implementing the automation itself.

The conditions can for example relate to status reading of sensors in home automation: natively, "Home" allows me for example to turn on a fan automatically, at a certain time, but not to do so only against a given threshold temperature.

Eve instead allows us profirst of all this type of customization: also the "trigger"(Hence the" triggers ") they can become multiple, even starting from the unforeseen conditions and conditions of "Home".

As long as theapp "Home" will not be enhanced, Egato "Eve" will remain an essential software component for anyone with home automation based on Appthe HomeKits.


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