esp-homekit-devices (aka Ravencore)

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Proconductor: José A. Jiménez
Category: Software
Type: Custom firmware
Technology: ESP8266
Installation difficulties: Middle / Low
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: at GitHub
Review review: 1.0

Ravencore (name of the projet "esp-homekit-devices") it's a firmware Open Source alternative for devices based on SOC ESP8266 such as, for example, those of the line ITEAD Sonoff Smart Home.


Like any custom firmware, Ravencore replaces the "factory" but, unlike other firmware (eg. Tasmota, Espurna) is specifically designed to render devices compatible with a very specific domotic standard, that is Appthe HomeKits.

Logo Appthe HomeKits

Specifically for the components of the line ITEAD Sonoff Smart Home, which require the mandatory use ofappeWeLink by ITEAD for configuration and use, Ravencore allows you to untie yourself completely from such software (and from the cloud of the produttore, cloud on which such software si appnow for the functionnamento) with obvious benefits in terms of safety and reliability.

In fact a device based on ESP8266 SOC through the adoption of Ravencore automatically becomes compatible with Appthe HomeKits, therefore it is possible to control it directly through theapp "House of Appthe iOS /macOS.

The types of HomeKit accessories that can be managed through Ravencore are:

  1. Single channel switch (eg Sonoff Basic)
  2. Two-channel switch (eg Sonoff dual)
  3. Four-channel switch (eg Sonoff 4Ch)
  4. Three-channel switch
  5. Smart socket
  6. Thermostats
  7. Switch + TH Sensor (Eg. Sonoff TH-x)
  8. Hydraulic valve
  9. Garage door
  10. dark
  11. Lock
  12. RGBW lights
a USB / TTL adapter.

For the riproming of a component based on proESP8622 processor, it is good to say that this is nothing particularly complex, even for the most fast of electronics.

In practical terms, availability is usually required of an interface USB / TTL (see image), which can be purchased in the most popular online stores for just a few euros. There procedure plans to link this interface to the device to beprogramming and, using computer software (PC, Mac, Linux) prosee the reportprogrammation, which is carried out in just a few steps and in a few minutes.

La proprocedure to install Ravencore is available at the following guide.


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