Eufy Lumos White - Smart light bulb Wi-Fi

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Proconductor: Eufy
Category: Actuator
Type: Intelligent light bulb
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1
Eufy Lumos White

One of the features more widespread among the smart bulbs available on the market is the coordinameof their functions through a BRIDGE/Gateway, an element that acts as an interface between the actuators and theappcontrol statement: this is the case with apprezzatissime Philips HUE, which use appanointed one (or more) of these "concentrators" to coordinate the whole profirst ecosystem.

It is an approtested and apprezzato; nevertheless there may be a need to control individual light points in a direct way, without the need for BRIGE /Gateway. "Eufy Lumos" meets this need: it is a smart light bulb that can connect directly to the proman Wi-Fi, thus enabling immediate, direct control, without the need to gateway intermediates.

"Eufy Lumos While"Is an E27 standard bulb with white emission (2700 degrees Kelvin, so" warm "light) with a power oflumimaximum nation of 800 lumens, equivalent to a traditional 60 watt bulb. The actual absorption is 9 watts at maximum emission luminosa: the bulb, in fact, is adjustable. The estimated duration is greater than the 20.000 hours of ignition.

The (necessary) use of theapplation "Eufy Lumos While"Allows, via the cloud provided by productor, to remotely control the actuator without the need for special user configuration.


Once screwed the bulb to the lamp holder is necessary provvedere to the first configuration of the same through theapp EufyHome (available for iOS and Android).

TheappThe configuration allows you to configure the light bulb in order to do it access to proman Wi-Fi; theapp EufyHome it also allows the actuator to be managed, subsequently, the actuator in terms of switching on, switching off, adjusting and planning them.

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La procedura is explained in detail here (photo howtogeek).


The degree of compatibility recognized by productor - outside of that, native, with theapp EufyHome (as mentioned available for iOS and Android) is discreet.

Natively "Eufy Lumos White" indeed supports:

It goes without saying that the compatibility with these two smart speakers is to be understood as the ability to control the panel and control its functions via voice commands.

Strana the lack of compatibility with IFTTT; unfortunately, the lack of compatibility with is common Appthe HomeKits. Both these shortcomings can however be resolved as described in the following paragraph.

App for smartphone / tablet✔️
Google Home - Assistant✔️
Amazon Echo - Alexa✔️
Appthe HomeKits✖️Limit circumvented by integration with HUB personal

Domotics integrability

In terms of home automation integrability, the solution does not present proproblems of any kind.


Home Assistant supports pienameMarketplace the integration of this and other line actuators Eufy: it is in fact possible to integrate it in its full functionality as a type entity "Light".
The interesting thing is possible dual integration methods: the component dedicated to it allows it to be integrated either using the promanufacturer either by pointing directly to the device which, if configured with static IP, can be for theappanointed by Home Assistant directly, improving response times and eliminating any SPOF.

Obviously the integrability with Home Assistant makes the component implicitly compatible with Appthe HomeKits through the use of the dedicated component.


Also Homebridge - theHUB dedicated to Apple HomeKit - has a dedicated plugin to allow this component (and others in the family) to be integrated with this standard.


Qualche proproblem instead for Homey, who does not have of no component for the direct integration of this actuator lumiI do not know.

Also openHAB e Domoticz they are not inferior: they allow a good level of integration, practically like Home Assistant.

Home Assistant✔️
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️
Homey✖️Component not available.


Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Eufy Lumos White - BoA"Eufy Lumos White"Is a simple light bulb, well built, versatile and quite inexpensive.

It does its job, allows it to be controlled even remotely without big proproblems; integrates in five minutes with the major HUB personal, which allows you to drown it in ours automations and in our personal scenarios.

Its value lies - apart from the good construction quality - in the main difference with similar home automation solutions (type Philips HUE, which dominates this market sector), or in the possibility of being configured as an autonomous element, Wi-Fi, without the need for a Gateway/HUB intermediate, with everything that follows.

It is certainly an interesting alternative - even for a question of price - for the probefore thelumidomestic nation on a home automation basis where you prefer to have gods device autonomous rather than coordinated by gateway centralized.

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