EUROTRONIC Thermostatic Head Genius LCD 100

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Proconductor: EUROTRONIC GmbH
Category: Actuator
Type: Thermostatic head
Technology: did
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.0



As we know - we talk about it also in this OPEN BOARD - the adoption of more or less automatic thermostatic valves (or heads) instead of totally manual ones (le "Knobs" for radiators last generation) brings a considerable benefit in terms heat management and savings.

The German EUROTRONIC presents, among its various solutions, a very elementary and economic thermostatic head model, a good comproput between functionality and cost: the Genius LDC 100. Although not equipped, like other models, with a radio transmission channel (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave etc.), this head can be considered domotica because in any case programmable through app mobile and a really interesting trick, frankly unique in its kind, which we will see below.


Genius LDC 100 is an actuator of the size of 6,7 x 6,2 x 8,2 cm which fits well, thanks to the standard connection as well as the adapters in the package, instead of the classic thermostatic regulation valves. The unit casing is in white polycarbonate, very compact; the not excessive weight still confers one good perception of compactness. On the front there is a tappor which, when removed, reveals the battery compartment (2 AA batteries from 1,5volt).

The rear part, instead, has a screw to be screwed in place on the seat of the traditional thermostatic valve that the unit will replace; in the center a t is clearly visibleappor gray plastic that hides the motorized axis that prosees the thrust of the needle for adjusting the valve on the radiator.

EUROTRONIC Genius LCD 100 - rear
the back.

On the upper part there is a small dot matrix LCD display which allows the user to configure the head and, during normal use, display the target temperature (or set-point) set, the display is retrolumiborn (turns on itself) of a faint orange light. The orientation (right or left side) of the writing is configurable.

On the outer, upper part, they are present four touch keys useful for the first configuration and then for adjusting the temperature during normal operation.



The installation is very trivial: it is sufficient to unscrew the previous manual thermostatic valve, to be replaced, and fit the Genius LCD 100 (possibly using adapters), an operation about a minute.

This done, you need to select the "Adaptation" menu item, which prosees to activate the adjustment motor so as to calibrate the pressure on the regulation needle. After this phase, the head is prointended for use. At this point nothing else will be needed adjust target temperature: the head, based on the temperature perceived in the environment, will regulate the opening of the hydraulic valve making the water flow (or less) into the radiator circuit.

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What distinguishes a traditional thermostatic head from a home automation is certainly the possibility of planning their behavior compared to the desired temperatures (and therefore the adjustment of the radiator), to the day of the week and to the times.

Usually a home automation thermostatic head is controlled by radio (through several protocolli), "instructing" them with respect to prodesired grammations. This head makes no difference: it too it can be programmata, but to do so we use yes aapp mobile (Genius Eurotronic, For Android e iOS), but to transfer the programmation fromapp at the head, light impulses are used.

EUROTRONIC has in fact implemented a very clever loophole called "Fast Link": when the programmation, at theapp, is defined, to transfer it is sufficient appview the smartphone screen at the front of the head (previously set in "receive" mode), which will carry out a series of flashes which will be interpreted as a binary code by a sensor luminosity present on the unit.

In this video we show you this curious proprocedure:

The manual can be downloaded da here.

Experience of use

We promy head on two very different radiators: a small bathroom furnishing element and a rather large radiator. Adjustment, based on planning procalculated on the head, has always worked correctly in both cases. The adjustment motor sometimes tends to be a noisy coat (but only when listened in full silence), especially when the adjustment needle is quite hard; for the rest, the experience certainly proved to be up to it.

Planning can be bypassed at any time with simple manual adjustment (the "+" and "-" keys on the unit); the planning intervenes again, automatically, at the scheduled time / temperature change and after the last manual adjustment.


The degree of compatibility of the head Genius LCD 100 it is soon shown: it is practically nil.
The reason is easy to understand: not offering any kind of connectivity, think of using it through final management tools technologically advanced is a nonsense. The only element with which it is compatible is his app for smartphone for the aforementioned procedura of prolight impulse grammation.

Domotics integrability

In terms of integration the question does not arise for the same reasons relating to compatibility: no connectivity, no integrability. Easy.

Home Assistant✖️No integration possible.
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✖️No integration possible.
openHAB✖️No integration possible.
Domoticz✖️No integration possible.
Homey✖️No integration possible.



Detailed evaluation:
Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
EUROTRONIC Genius LCD 100 - BoAFor what it costs, Genius LCD 100 it is certainly an extremely interesting actuator.

Right: Genius LCD 100 it is not a thermostatic head full house automation, because there is no way to integrate it with our loved ones HUB neither is it compatible with some specific standards, but if the need is to plan the adjustment of one or more radiators in order to save energy, this actuator can certainly be the right choice. It is aesthetically very pleasant, just the right one, well built: for this price range (and functionality) there is very little else. The evaluation is only affected by the lack of connectivity and integrability - aspects that, if not interesting, can make the evaluation consider maximum.

An alternative can definitely be the Eqiva eQ-3, but certainly we are not talking about a head that - although with a higher degree of integrability - does not come close, qualitatively, to this component.

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