FIBARO CO Sensor (carbon monoxide sensor, version Appthe HomeKits)

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Proconductor: FIBARO
Category: Sensore
Type: Sensorand carbon monoxide
Technology: Bluetooth Low Energy
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.0



Col carbon monoxide, Unfortunately, not joking. It is a particularly treacherous poison gas, in that totally invisible and odorless which, in important concentrations, causes the death of those exposed to it which, most of the time, does not realize that it is about to lose consciousness. It is formed during combustion reactions in the absence of air (that is when the oxygen present in the air is not sufficient to convert all the carbon into carbon dioxide): although gas ovens and modern domestic boilers are now prothrown with safety in the first place, however, dangerous conditions may arise even in the appsafer articles.

Hazardous installations for procarbon monoxide production

To this problema thinks FIBARO that, with his “CO Senser ”of the profirst line "Home", Provides each home automation with an important ally against this fearsome adversary. In this review we analyze the version compatible with the standard Appthe HomeKits (like sapplet's take the line "Home”Of FIBARO presents some elements in the double version HomeKit / Z-Wave), which, however, is able to operate in a completely independent way, even without home automation management. We can say that it is mainly a carbon monoxide sensor also equipped with a domotic soul.

The sensor also has a probe for the temperature detection environment in which it is installed as well as alarm systems both visual and acoustic.


The CO Sensor of FIBARO appThey are like a small circular component of about six centimeters in diameter, in plastic, with a beautiful curvilinear design. On the edge, a perforated grid allows the passage of gases, detecting the punctual presence of the concentration of carbon monoxide which, of course, in a domestic environment is very rarely zero. It is a component that complies with the standards IN 50291-1: 2010, therefore the detection is absolutely reliable and certain.

Always through the grate placed on the side takes place the detection of the ambient temperature and, moreover, it comes prolearned the alarm tone in case of detection of high concentration of the dangerous gas. On the back, the button in the center also hides a red LED that lights up in case of detection.


The unit is basically composed from two parts: a top cover and the real unit e probelow. An antagonist rotation on the axis of the two elements causes detachment and opening, allowing us access to the internal unit, which is simple and well organized. The unit, powered from a long-lasting CR123A battery (two years), it also has a red LED for signaling dangerous CO detection.

FIBARO CO Sensor - Back
the rest of the sensor.

The sensor supplies to the proman app FIBAROHome (obviously only for Appthe iOS) the trend (expressed in ppm, parts-per-million) of the concentration of dangerous carbon monoxide, providing three degrees of severity: "Sure“, Where the gas is not detected; "Moderate“, When CO concentration can influence well-being, reminding the user of prosee for adequate ventilation and air circulation; finally "CO alarm“, When the concentration rappit presents a danger to the life of the present. The latter mode triggers the audible and visual warning, regardless of whether the unit is connected via Bluetooth with the smartphone / tablet Appthem.

Theapp, Furthermore, proit also sees to the communication of the various states via notifications push.

FIBARO CO Sensor  -  Push HomeKit notification
an example of notification.


The installation it is simple and immediate as for every HomeKit compatible component. After inserting the battery it is in fact sufficient to carry out theapp "Home" (taking care to have the bluetooth active on the device / computer) and select "Add accessory", then follow the on-screen instructions:

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At the end of the progives a new one tile will be available, which will contain two sensors (CO and temperature detection) for consultation as well as for management through automation (the latter only CO detection sensor).

Experience of use

The sensor is simple and well built, like all the products of this successful line. It is a simple component but particularly useful in terms of safety: certification EN 50291-1: 2010 is definitely a secondary plus, because it certifies the sensor's ability to do its thing when it's time. In our laboratory we do not have an important source of carbon monoxide (thankfully), so we could not test the maximum detection. The precision of the thermal sensor is to the tenth of a degree.

Customization is guaranteed through theapp FIBAROHome (obviously only for Apple iOS), which allows the fine adjustment of the sensitivity guaranteed by the component.

Obviously once registered at "Casa" the component is manageable (even as trigger for automations) also through theapp Elve "Eve".

Remote control - not being a component Wi-Fi able to dialogue with a hypothetical cloud of the productor - is not natively guaranteed, except from theapp "Home" itself. In this case, remember the need imposed by HomeKit the constant presence of an iOS component at home (iPad, HomePod or Apple TV) connected to Wi-Fi and certainly with active Bluetooth.


Said soon: the degree of compatibility recognized by produttore is almost zero.
The sensor is not in fact supported nor by Amazon Echo (Alexa) from Google Home (Assistant) nor even less with IFTTT.

FIBARO CO Sensor (HomeKit version) is compatible only with Appthe HomeKits - with all that follows, including the possibility of interrogating it through Siri ("... what is the concentration of CO in the room?"). Obviously it is also compatible with the proman app previously mentioned mobile, FIBAROHome for iOS.

Domotics integrability

The degree of integrationunfortunately, it is the other sore point of this very valid sensor.

Besides the possibility of integrating it with theapp Elve "Eve" - which allows to expand the functionality of the HomeKit ecosystem, FIBARO CO Sensor (version Apple HomeKit) cannot be integrated with anything else.

We made an attempt to check if at least the component "Appthe HomeKit controller support"Of Home Assistant was fortunately able to register and then integrate the component, but unfortunately the result was negative: this component queries the LAN and not Bluetooth to work, so the result was practically taken for granted.

Home Assistant✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️Not necessary: ​​the component is already compatible in itself Appthe HomeKits.
openHAB✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.
Domoticz✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.
Homey✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.



Detailed evaluation:
Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
FIBARO CO SensorIl CO Sensor of FIBARO (version Apple HomeKit) is the type of sensor that must-have-in-home. There are about 4000 accidents, in Italy alone, that occur every year due to the evil carbon monoxide. Choosing to install such a sensor at home is an important and necessary choice.

Decide to implement probefore the CO Sensor of FIBARO? It is certainly a possibility: it works well, it is certified and, which of course we like, it is domotic, as well as not costing a madness. Clearly this version is more public oriented Apple-fanatic, although, in any case, the sensor also works very well on its own, even without home automation use. The twin in version Z-Wave (if we have the opportunity to review it, you will be the first to be notified) may be more useful to those who do not use home automation Apple but rather based on HUB personali.

Integrate FIBARO Wall Plug (in version Appthe HomeKit) a Home Assistant

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