FIBARO Wall Plug (intelligent plug, version Appthe HomeKits)

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Proconductor: FIBARO
Category: Actuator / Sensore
Type: Intelligent plug with absorption meter and visual indications
Technology: Bluetooth Low Energy / Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.0

FIBARO Wall Plug - Package


Among the components of personal home automation the smart plugs they are, perhaps, among the most apprezzati, including and disseminated. The reason is simple: they are very easy to implement and above all understanding with respect to the functionality offered: frapphost between a wall plug and the plug of an electric user, allow the user to activate / deactivate the supply of current to the user, thus allowing the current to be controlled.

FIBARO, with her Wall Plug of the line "Home" presents an intelligent plug on the market equipped with classic functionality, but also with a sensor capable of providing an instantaneous absorption reading, for the purpose of monitoring consumption and managing any excessive loads. In this review we analyze the compatible version Appthe HomeKits, when it exists, as known, equivalence in version Z-Wave. that quid more able to distinguish it from other solutions? Let's find out together.

FIBARO Wall Plug - strip


FIBARO Wall Plug shows up (like all the prowe can say that FIBARO products are well built, in good quality ABS plastic, with a particular eye to design. The plug (ie the contacts that enter the wall socket) is in F format "Shucko", while its output socket can accommodate both "Shuko" F plugs and type C plugs (therefore without earthing contact). The maximum supported load is 10 Ampere, or 2300 Watt.

The unit presents a multicolored status LED able to communicate to the user the various operating modes (in paring, connected, in use etc.) as well as a small button for resetting the unit. Another rather interesting function (which follows others products FIBARO), the presence of a ring lumiwhich runs around the unit and can visually provide the load currently delivered by the Wall Plug using the following colors:

  • 0W - White
  • 100W - blue
  • 200W - green
  • 400W - yellow
  • 1000W - orange
  • 1800W - red
  • 2300W - Violet

It is a function particularly welcome and that distinguishes this unit from many other intelligent plugs equipped with an absorption sensor, which can only be consulted via final management tools like smartphone / computer and / or smart speaker. As we will see later, for the ring lumiYou can also set a specific color fixed.


The installation it is simple and immediate as for any compatible component Appthe HomeKits. After inserting the unit in the socket it is in fact sufficient to carry out theapp "Home" (taking care to have the bluetooth active on the device / computer) and select "Add accessory", then follow the on-screen instructions:

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As can be seen from the images above, at the end of progives a new one tile will be available (plug) for consultation as well as for management through any automations.

FIBARO Wall Plug - Mounting

Experience of use

The plug works well, especially thanks in the presence of the standard Wi-Fi. Unlike many other components Appthe HomeKit, in fact, this FIBARO Wall Plug it is equipped with both Bluetooth LE (for the first association with theapp "Home") that of Wi-Fi for ordinary use. This solves many if any proproblems especially in terms of radio operating range between the unit (or units) and the final management tools.

Customization is guaranteed through theapp FIBAROHome (obviously only for Appthe iOS), which allows the fine tuning of the various services guaranteed by the component.

Obviously once registered at "Casa" the component is manageable (even as trigger for automations) also through theapp Elgato “Eve", Which allows to appalso reset the graph of the plug absorption trend.

Remote control is not natively guaranteed, except from theapp "Home" itself. In this case, remember the need imposed by HomeKit the constant presence of an iOS component at home (iPad, HomePod or Apple TV) connected to Wi-Fi. We tested this configuration and it works - as expected - perfectly.


Said soon: the degree of compatibility recognized by produttore is almost zero.
The sensor is not in fact supported nor by Amazon Echo (Alexa) da Google Home (Assistant) nor even less with IFTTT.

FIBARO Wall Plug (in HomeKit version) it is compatible only with Appthe HomeKits - with everything that goes with it, including the possibility of interrogating it through Siri ("turn on the plug"). Obviously it is also compatible with the proman app previously mentioned mobile, FIBAROHome for iOS.

Domotics integrability

The degree of integration, like all compatible components Appthe HomeKits, is limited, but in this specific case it is not null.

Besides the possibility of integrating it with theapp Elve "Eve" - which allows to expand the functionality of the HomeKit ecosystem, FIBARO Wall Plug (version Apple HomeKit) can be integrated with Home Assistant. Thanks to the presence of the standard Wi-Fi and of the component Home Assistant "HomeKit Controller Support“In fact, FIBARO Wall Plug is recognized as an integral component on the known personal HUBsoftware:

FIBARO Wall Plug - Integration with Home Assistant
FIBARO Wall Plug is recognized by Home Assistant.

This allows FIBARO Wall Plug to be easily integrated a Home Assistant as "Switch"

Home Assistant✔️Possible integration via component "HomeKit Controller Support
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️Not necessary: ​​the component is already compatible in itself Appthe HomeKits.
openHAB✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.
Domoticz✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.
Homey✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.

FIBARO Wall Plug


Detailed evaluation:
Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
FIBARO Wall Plug - BoAIl Wall Plug di FIBARO it is a very interesting actuator for rather simple reasons: it is equipped with an absorption meter (which is always convenient, even for deduce the operating status of a non domotic appliance), of a multicolored LED to understand the instant absorption without consulting the domotics, it is well built is - more unique than rare news - it can be integrated with Home Assistant, despite being compatible alone with Appthe HomeKits (which inevitably reduces the overall rating).

It doesn't cost much, but it does many things: more than anything else it guarantees a high level of overall quality with a guarantee of versatility over time rather high, also and especially with respect to its integrability. Unlike the vast majority of the components AppHomeKit, this actuator convinced us because today we can decide to use it directly with AppHomeKit, but tomorrow we can "recycle" it and raise it to the heights to which it personal HUBwe can bring. Brava FIBARO, that's what we like: when a component lends itself a bit to all uses.


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