Flo Water Monitor

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Proconductor: Flo
Category: ActuatorSensore
Type: Water management and monitoring
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Alta
Ease of use: Media
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.2

Flo Water Monitor


"Flo Water Monitor" is basically an intelligent solenoid valve. It is at the same time an actuator (appgrease, a valve) and a sensor, as it can detect temperature and pressure water that passes through it.

Flo Water Monitor - mountedThis component is installed upstream of the domestic hydraulic system and essentially serves to interrupt or allow the flow of water. This functionality can be controlled by the green valve on the back of the component or by its own app“Flow Mobile App”Available for Android and iOS.

Flo Mobile App - Control Panel

In fact is l 'appmobile communication to provide the core of functionality of Flo Water Monitor, which are essentially two: management and security.

With regard to the management, as anticipated theappThe water supply can be opened / closed; however, an interesting feature is the measurement of instantaneous and historical consumption profirst use.

Flo Water Monitor

Furthermore theapp allows to carry out a diagnosis of the hydraulic system in order to identify any losses, even the smallest ones. The procedura is elementary: it is sufficient to close all the utilities and start the prodiagnostic range on theapp: on screen appit will come after that protransfers the state of health of the plant. Losses, as mentioned even minimal, will be immediately reported to the user.

Always with regard to safety, Flo Mobile App provides for three "states" of use of the plant: Home, Away e Sleep. The first is intended as "normal use of the plant", while the other two consider the plant hypothetically "not used", therefore possible pressure drops are interpreted by theapp as "losses", which are reported immediately, by notification, to the user and interrupted, by automatic closing of the valve.

"Flow Mobile App”Offers connection to the cloud of the promanufacturer, therefore it is possible to consult / command Flo Water Monitor even away from home.

Flo Water Monitor - package contents

In the package there is, besides the component, the power supply to 110 / 220v beyond the sealing and assembly rings. The "Flo Water Monitor" it is designed to withstand the elements, therefore it can be mounted outside; However, it is not designed to withstand immersion.


To date the only one compatibility recognized by produttore - outside of that, native, with Flo Mobile App - is the one with Amazon Alexa. The proditore informs that he is working to expand the circle of compatibility.

Domotics integrability

In terms of home automation integrability to date it is available a custom integration component for Home Assistant; nothing on the front Homebridge o openHAB.

Final judgement

Our final judgment is in chiaroscuro: the Flow Water Monitor is without a doubt a very interesting component, but the high cost (around 400 $) and the lack of compatibility with other ecosystems such as Appthe HomeKit e Google Home (not to mention Homebridge e Home Assistant) make it not excessively recommended. Certainly with the resolution of proproblems mentioned above, Flo Water Monitor could become a must have in anyone's home automation environment, especially given the functionalities of identification and automatic interruption of losses.

Flo Water Monitor presentation video


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