Google Home (Assistant)

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Type: Smart Speaker
Technology: Wi-Fi
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Google Home

"Google Home"Is among the best known among the smart speaker currently available on the market. Available in two versions, it implements the software Google Assistant to provide you with advanced features of intelligent personal assistant at home or in the office.

An intelligent personal assistant is basically a device capable of interacting with the voice (receive verbal commands and respond in natural language) e prosee various functions, such as reproplay music, create to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, reprocut audio books and provide weather forecasts, traffic information and other real-time information, such as news. Typically, a personal assistant can also control different home automation devices, and can do so by receiving voice commands such as "turn on the light", Or"adjust the temperature to 21 degrees" etc.

Google Home, we anticipated, it is available in two different versions, the "Google Home"And"Google Home Mini"

Google Home  e  Google Home Mini
Google Home e Google Home Mini

These two versions differ in the price (The Mini is the cheapest), in the form e in audio performance: the largest version is the one with the best acoustic quality, while the "Mini" guarantees good listening but quality without a doubt lower.

The two devices, in terms of functionality, they are identical. To get an idea of ​​the size, imagine "Google Home Mini" great little more than a closed fist.


Yes but what can it do Google Home for us?
A lot of things. First of all it is good to clarify how Google Home both a device and it has a vital need of the presence of a connection Wi-Fi connected to the Internet: in the absence of connection it becomes a practically useless device

Once connected to the mains (a small ad hoc power supply is included in the package), the smart speaker turns on and waits for connection by dell 'applished here Google Home (available for Android and for iOS). Performed such appThe device will be recognized and, through a few simple guided steps, will be configured to access the network Wi-Fi and to recognize our voice.

From then on we will have a true e profirst "virtual home", which can be consulted at any time simply pronuncing "O"Or"Hey Google"

Yup, but what can we ask a Google Home?

The limit lies in the imagination combined with the degree of evolution of Google Assistant which, everydaynamente, grows on the upbeat. Clearly it is difficult that Google Home satisfies physical gestures ("Google, wash me macChina"), But this smart speaker is able to answer many of the questions you would ask the web:"What will the weather be like today","How old is Kevin Cosner","What movies are coming out at the cinema this weekend" and so on.

Beyond the "trivial" questions that can be asked Google Home, what is really interesting is the modularity of the device and its software configuration Google Assistant. Through theapplished here Google Home for Android and iOS cited above, it is indeed possible to associate it with ours Google Home a whole series of value-added services. For example, you can add a series of "news sources", which enables you to ask Google Home "read me the latest news"

Google Home - News sources

Furthermore it is possible to integrate also many other services: we have tested Spotify, which enables Google Home to satisfy typical questions "let me listen to some Rock" rather than "let me listen to the first Nirvana album"And so on - indeed, asking.

Given that sources and services are constantly increasing, Google Home it's a good investment because it certainly tends to expand the profunctionality.

The complete list of services implemented by Google Home is available here.


Any home automation component compatible with Google Home/ Assistant presents, this time in the configuration of theapp Google Assistant (For Android and for iOS, app that works in tandem with theapp Google Home), A add-on (conceptually analogous to the "data sources" mentioned above) which enables the smart speaker to receive commands intended for that device.

Works with Google Assistant

Taking an example, where you have un bridge for thelumination Philips Hue (who it's compatible factory with Google Home/ Assistant) it will be possible to add it to the smart speaker "Philips Hue"Who will immediately make aware Google Home of the presence of such components in the profirst home automation. From then on it will be sufficient to command "turn on the lights"Or"turn on that light”To control the actuators.

The complete list of compatible components Google Home is available here.

Domotics integrability

In terms of home automation integrability, where it has been implemented un personale HUB How Home Assistant, no proBlema. Google Home it becomes a blessing without much effort: just add a line in the configuration of Home Assistant, let the latter access the profirst cloud service and finally add to the configuration of Google Home, the component HASSIO.

This done, it will be possible to check the profirst home automationwithout the need to add the components, one by one, to the configuration of Google Home - via voice commands. This it is particularly useful when there is a homogeneous and integrated domotics thanks to the adoption of a HUB personal, especially when you own components no compatible Google Home or simply components given by ad hoc configurations (virtual sensors, etc.).

The same discourse would be a blessing if it were appalso a Homebridge, but does not exist today no component that allows to census such personale HUB towards Google Home.

Nb. the level of integration towards Home Assistant it is exceptional, but it is good to know that from the first September 2018 the registration to the cloud HASSIO it is paid. But there is an alternative method to achieve the same result by bypassing the cloud HASSIO. We will talk about it at length later.

Finally, we recommend reading of this FOCUS dedicated to strategies for the integration of Smart Speakers in home automation.


Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience

We are not yet athe levels of the Enterprise's on-board computer, but we are approaching by leaps and bounds.
For a cost exiguous (especially the version "Mini'), Google Home it is absolutely a gadget from proespecially when you have personal home automation.

Google Home  e  Google Home Mini

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