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Type: App for smartphone / tablet
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Availability: presso Apple Store e Google Play Store
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The increasingly known HUB software dedicated to personal home automation Home Assistant has a counterparty, aapp mobile dedicated to its call management and control "Home Assistant Companion“, Developed and released directly by the open source community that develops theHUB same.

Tale app It is available for mobile devices Apple (only those that mount iOS higher than the 9.x version) e for Android ones; theapp it can only be used starting from version 0.95 di Home Assistant, an essential condition for using the component to support theapp, or "Mobile App"(Which we will see below).


Primarily, the purpose of Home Assistant Companion is to allow the user to act manually on the interface Lovelace UI, or the "control panel" of the profirst personal home automation. Every tenant of a house you use Home Assistant How HUB can access it (via username / password) and proso to see to act on the available elements (lights, switches, climate entity and much more), variable obviously based to additions fielded.

Home Assistant - Tablet on the wall
Home Assistant on the wall.

Often theapp it is also used to create very simple but effective wall interfaces using a tablet.

TheappThis is useful not only for controlling home automation when you are at home, but also and above all when out: the remote control it is in fact one of the most important functions, which can be implemented as long as it has been configured what you need to connect from the outside.

Beyond the obvious use for control purposes Home Assistant Companion guarantees others three basic functions:

  • location;
  • notifications;
  • podometer (available for now for now alone on the version for Appi iOS).

Also at iOS, support is also guaranteed for "Actions" as well as for Appthe Watch.

Home Assistant Companion - Appthe Watch
su Appthe Watch.

Crucial. It is a function that allows you to generate data entity presso Home Assistant - connect to each smartphone-tablet that authenticates itself on theHUB through theapp - of type "Device Tracker“, Or the entities that collect the geolocation of the device. This information is extremely useful for defining related automation, for example, at the entrance or exit of the house by one, more than one or all the tenants of the house.

N.b. Home automation staff based on Home Assistant does not violate the privacy of its users: all information relating to the states (including that of the component “Device Tracker") Are collected LOCALLY and are not transmitted to no external reality. For the more skeptical: Home Assistant it's a projet ., which means that the source code is open, hence its behavior - comprovato - is verifiable by anyone. Obviously any external services used to collect the position are responsible for managing that specific information.

For this location to work it is necessary that theapp is authorized to collect such location information on the smartphone / tablet.


Notifications are certainly not secondary. It is a function that allows you to send appnotifications push to the smartphone / tablet that is authenticated, via theapp, to proprio HUB home. The function not only allows you to send simple text notifications

Home Assistant - Notify hot fridge
notification on iOS.
Home Assistant Companion for Android - Notification
notification on Android.

but also more complex, containing images, user requests for action and more.
It goes without saying that the use of notifications is an irreplaceable tool for those who have a personal domotics based on this HUB (and not).


Theapp is able to provide a Home Assistant information relating to the number of steps and stairs ascended / descended, if the user needs to define automations related to this kind of information.


To use theapp it is necessary prosee the configuration of the component "Mobile App" At Home Assistant. To do this, simply add the line:


in configuration, unless it is already present


which prosees to instancing, at startup, a series of "basic" components, among which appanointed "Mobile App"

Once restarted Home Assistant, HUB is able to accommodate connections procoming fromapp Home Assistant Companion: simply open it, enter the address of the proproto domotica, supply the procredentials and access.

Once connected for the first time (the so-called "onboarding"), theapp will display the environment of the profirst personal home automation and will begin to communicate with respect to the aforementioned information (geolocation, notifications etc.)

In case of proproblems

Although the use ofapp it is particularly intuitive and easy, however, can occur profunction beminament, especially the side HUB (especially for the less experienced). In case, the community Home Assistant provides this guide (in English).

Home Assistant Official LogoATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Home Assistant, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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