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Proconductor: Todd greenfield
Availability: At Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: plugin Homebridge
Implementation difficulties: low

The plugin "homebridge-airnow"Is an add-on for Homebridge which allows you to add one or more virtual sensors dedicated to the air quality.

As we have explained in the training chapter dedicated to sensors, these components can be either physical (eg. a thermometer) or virtual, or in home automation can appyes, like real sensors propri, but their "readings" - that is the data that they expose - not prothey come from a physical sensor but from another source.

This plugin allows appto create at Homebridge, one or more air quality accessories (ie the concentration of PM10 and PM25, carbon monoxide etc.) which are based on the data of two websites that they publish, dailynamente and updatednamecontinuous information, this information.

The plugin "homebridge-airnow"Is able to draw from two different sources: AirNow (for data relating to the USA) e World Air Quality Index Project, for data from around the world.

Once chosen which of the two sites to use and, through it, identified the topographic area of ​​which we are interested in the air quality data (typically the one closest to the home automation environment managed by our Homebridge), just configure the plugin to see appinsert a sensor which behaves as follows:

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Obviously, as with all sensors exposed to AppWith HomeKits, it is possible to read these virtual sensors to perfect them the automations of the profirst home automation.

On inDomus is available a configuration guide for this plugin.

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