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Proconductor: Khaos Tian
Availability: At Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: plugin Homebridge
Implementation difficulties: medio/alta

The plugin "homebridge-double-ffmpeg"Is an add-on for Homebridge which allows you to add one (or more) to our home automation IP Cam not natively compatible Appthe HomeKits.

Many IP Cams - the vast majority - have interfaces TCP/IP which, if exploited, allow the user to connect directly to the video stream prolearned from the cam itself; intercepting this video stream is then possible, via the ffmpeg library (which this plugin uses as a base, as the name suggests) record it, convert it, retransmit it.

What "homebridge-double-ffmpeg"Ago, through proper configuration, it is of connect to the video stream, turn it adequately and expose it - via Homebridge - to ours app"House" indication of Appthe iOS /macOS, thus making our IP Cam indirectly compatible with Appthe HomeKits.

To find out what the interface is (if any) TCP/IP of our IP Cam the help comes to us provovidenziale “Camera Connection Database”Of iSpy, a continuously updated databasenamewhich illustrates, for the various IP Cam models, the paths to reach our video stream.

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