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Proconductor: Stephen Radford
Availability: At Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: plugin Homebridge
Implementation difficulties: low

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"homebridge-magichome-platform"Is a plugin for Homebridge useful to integrate to this HUB the LED controllers Wi-Fi RGB-RGBW-RGBWW of the line "Magic Home“, Thus making them indirectly compatible with Appthe HomeKits.

"homebridge-magichome ”is easily configured and allows you to define at theapp "Home" is an entity of the "Light" type which, in addition to allowing Power On / Off of the controller and the LED strip to it applicata, allows the adjustment of emitted color and intensity luminosa.

Unlike the analogous plugin "homebridge-magichome-platform", This plugin does not allow effect activation lumiprovided for the various controllers.

The plugin does not present particular difficulties of implementation, but to be used it forces the user to configure for the proprio / i LED Controller a fixed IP address assignment, which is then subsequently used in configuration. This "limit" is not present in the plugin "homebridge-magichome-platform“, The plugin we prefer and to which we have dedicated an ad hoc guide for implementation and configuration.

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