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Proconductor: honkmaster
Availability: at Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: plugin Homebridge
Implementation difficulties: low

The plugin "homebridge-I-flower-care"Is an add-on for Homebridge which allows you to add sensors to your configuration that refer to one or more plant sensors Xiaomi Flower Care / Flower Mate / Flower Monitor / Flora, thus making them compatible Appthe HomeKits.

In practice these small and cheap Xiaomi sensors are useful in the care of vital parameters of plants (soil moisture, level of fertilization, temperature, solar radiation): make them compatible AppHomeKit via Homebridge it means being able to census them remotely but, above all, to equip oneself with elements useful for the definition of profirst automations (especially regarding the reading of temperature and quantity of light).

The plugin uses the package "Noble"(And related dependencies) to allow Homebridge to talk via Bluetooth LE with the multi-sensor: this functionality is obviously guaranteed by the presence of a Bluetooth antenna on the computer that keeps Home runningbridge.

On this front we tested the plugin with Raspberry Pi 3 and confirm the functionnamento; on Windows, Mac and Linux the functionnameis variable based on, appunto the present hardware.

On inDomus we have dedicated an ad hoc guide for the implementation of this plugin.

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