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Proconductor: Nitay Ben-Zvi
Availability: at Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: plugin Homebridge
Implementation difficulties: low

The plugin "homebridge-tado-ac"Is an add-on for Homebridge which allows us to add to our home automation Apple HomeKit the actuator Tado Intelligent Air Conditioner, making it so compatible Appthe HomeKits.

This component is not in fact compatible - when defining this form - with that standard of personal home automation.

This plugin for Homebridge permette not just the definition of a thermostat type accessory, but also of different sensors useful for consultation and automation through theapp "House of Apple, such as temperature sensors (internal and external) and very useful presence sensors (of individual users who have theapp mobile of Tado configured on the smartphone both of the "family" as such).

The integration it is very simple to make: Yes prosee to configure a new Home platformbridge in which to indicate the username and password of the account configured at the Tado cloud, after which - at the first restart Homebridge - the new accessories appthey will come to theapp "Home".

La guide step-by-step implementation is available here.

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