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Proconductor: David Werth
Availability: At Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: plugin Homebridge
Implementation difficulties: low

"homebridge-weather"Is as simple as a very useful plugin to define up Homebidge (then on Appthe HomeKit) of virtual sensors (typically related to temperature e relative humidity) which draw on the information collected on the international meteorological site “OpenWeatherMap"

OpenWeatherMap LogoOpenWeatherMap is a site where the data of hundreds of thousands of weather stations scattered all over the world; this immense set of workstations is composed of both seed control units proprofessionals and professionals (eg. Davis) and consumer control units (eg notes Netatmo Weather Station). These components interact with OpenWeatherMap and record, for the area in which they are located, data of different nature such as appanointed temperature, relative humidity but also much more, such as rainfall, solar radiation and more.
The service also provides also provisional data.

"homebridge-weather"Therefore allows, through appropriate configuration, to acquire virtual sensors, updated with a few minutes gap, useful not only for information but also to enhance the automations of our home automation (eg "if they are out there more than 30 degrees Celsius, irrigate the lawn ").

What is needed is only an instance Homebridge, this plugin and a provided API key - just request it - from the OpenWeatherMap site. These APIs - for ordinary use in home automation (temperature survey and 5 forecast days) - are free

Su inDomus abbiamo a guide dedicated to installation and configuration.

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