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Homebridge it's a BRIDGE/Gateway compatible Appthe HomeKit that, in abbinamento to the home automation ecosystem Apple (that is, theapp "Home" of iOS e macOS) becomes a true e proprio HUB personal, the and translated into Italian means being able to use these devices to control and automate your home automation. Even much of that is NOT officially compatible with HomeKit.

In short, Homebridge allows - through a series of plug-in components - to make compatible with Appthe HomeKits not just devices not natively compatible with this standard, but also components that they wouldn't be profirst home automation.

Basically it is a lightweight server based on Node.js, installable on profirst home network, which emulates le API HomeKit of Appthe iOS. It's free software particularly simple to implement which can be run on a computer Windows, Linux, Apple Mac but above all on our beloved Raspberry Pi.

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Homebridge, Unlike Home Assistant or others HUB personal (we recommend reading the chapter dedicated to them is the dedicated one how to choose one) as anticipated it is not a true e proprio HUB, since the intelligence of the management and automation of the domotic elements is "moved" to the final management tool, ie the devices Appthe iOS and Apple macOS, through theapp "Home".

It is in fact more than one BRIDGE/Gateway, but for simplicity we will include it between the HUB. The difference, as mentioned above, also lies in the fact that Homebridge allows yes to domotize - through plugins - lots of items (Also not natively home automation), but such elements can speak one with the other only through theapp "Home".

Appetizers to use Home for freebridge just follow one of our installation guides on major operating systems.

Logo Appthe HomeKitsATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Appthe Homekits, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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