ITEAD Sonoff 4ch - 4ch PRO (R1 and R2)

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Proconductor: ITEAD
Category: Actuator
Type: Multichannel intelligent switch
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Media
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon (versione standard)Amazon (versione PRO)
Review review: 1.2

The "Sonoff 4ch / 4ch PRO"Of ITEAD is the most complete of the family's actuators"ITEAD Sonoff Smart Home". Given its complexity (and versatility) it is to be considered as a real home automation device e proprio, rather than a simple actuator which are his younger brothers, the Sonoff Basic and the Sonoff dual.

Talk about the Sonoff 4ch it is not simple, because there are two very different versions, prolearned in turn in two release (R1 and R2), for a total of four different devices. In this sheet, we will try to clarify as much as possible the differences between the various models, the functionalities and the field of applished here.

The points in common among all the models are:

  • the presence of four switches Wi-Fi;
  • architecture based on SOC ESP8266 (so they can adopt alternative firmware like Sonoff-Tasmota, Espurna etc.);
  • the possibility of being configured / controlled via theapp eWeLink;
  • the possibility of being mounted on a panel through DIN rail;
  • the possibility of timing the switching on / off of the four individual channels;
  • compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTTGoogle Nest.

Sonoff 4ch was prolearned in two release, R1 e R2. Both are composed of:

  • Sonoff 4ch
  • Sonoff 4ch PRO

therefore there are:

  • Sonoff 4ch R1
  • Sonoff 4ch PRO R1
  • Sonoff 4ch R2
  • Sonoff 4ch PRO R2

Substantially Sonoff 4ch R1 e Sonoff 4ch R2 they are the same thing as they are Sonoff 4ch PRO R1 e Sonoff 4ch PRO R2: simply, the two devices R2 are the revised and improved version (not so much in functionality as in proversion) R1.

The differences, however, between the non-PRO e PRO they are many.


Sonoff 4ch R1 and R2

ITEAD Sonoff 4ch - R1 ITEAD Sonoff 4ch - R2

Sonoff 4ch PRO R1 and R2

ITEAD Sonoff 4ch PRO - R1 ITEAD Sonoff 4ch PRO - R2

Main differences

From the external point of view, the two pairs of devices they can be recognized by the squarer forms of the former release (R1) and from those more rounded than R2. Unlike the younger brothers (Basic & Dual), the devices do not report on the back a clear wording that identifies the release.

All models present four buttons to manually operate the relays, while alone the R2 have four LEDs for immediate reading of the status of the various channels. All four have a status LED for interpretation network status Wi-Fi (connected, not connected, in configuration etc.)

The non- versionPRO

This (both R1 and R2) is a version of the device in the end rather simple. It "limits" itself to accept an alternate 90-250v voltage at the input and riproput it out on the four channels, obviously individually controllable when switching on / off.

Some examples of wiring and use:

ITEAD Sonoff 4ch - wiringITEAD Sonoff 4ch - 2 wiring

The non- versionPRO it has a terminal block for connecting the earth connections (the green connector), which the PRO He has not.

This version is available at a price around to the 25 euro, against the approximately 35 of the PRO.

The version PRO

The version PRO (both R1 and R2) differs from the non-PRO for the following features:

  • the four channels are completely isolated from each other;
  • the four channels can be used as clean contacts;
  • it has three modes of activation of the additional relays (in addition to normal on / off):
    • self-lock;
    • interlock (interlock);
    • inching;
  • 433 radio control mhz;
  • it can be supplied to 5-24v in direct current or 90v-220v in alternating current.

Unlike the non-PRO PRO allows much more varied methods of connection and use.

Each of the four relays has an input and two outputs, one normally open (NO) and one normally closed (NC). Since these relays are galvanically isolated, all four act as clean contacts; if you want to feed light points, for example, you need to bring the phase at the entrance of the relay:

ITEAD Sonoff 4ch PRO light points connection

In a more structured case, in which perhaps for example you want to check of engines for tappelectric arrays, two channels will be used in pairs for each of the intended driving directions, connecting as follows:

ITEAD Sonoff 4ch PRO AC motor connectionIf the motors (always as an example) are powered with continuous voltages from 5 to 24 volt, it will be possible to supply the unit with continuous voltage from 5 to 24 volt, then connecting as follows:

ITEAD Sonoff 4ch PRO DC motor connection

Finally, another interesting way to connect is to a clean contact vera e proere.

Proas described above in our projet aimed at domotizing a rolling code remote control (and not), the unit allows to use the relays in a way to be short-circuited, simply, the contacts to them appsilicates. This allows you to command any units connected to them, such as appat the remote control of the following example:

ITEAD Sonoff 4ch PRO clean contact connection


The "self-lock" mode allows you to control the four channels in an interconnected way (turning on one channel also turns on the other (s), as well as turning it off. The function of interlocking (interlock) instead corresponds to the possibility of activating a channel automatically turning off the other and viceversa; finally the inching it is the possibility of making the two channels work not as switches but as buttons, or to ensure that once activated remain so for a specific number of seconds (configured by the user) for later deactivate.

Interlock e inching not interlocked are two interesting aspects for those who want to use Sonoff 4ch PRO to check, for example, any tappelectric arrays.

The guide available on the website of ITEAD show how to configure these modes (via eWeLink) both for the version not-PRO that the PRO.


Sonoff 4ch PRO (both R1 and R2) is equipped with a radio receiver, therefore it is possible to use fixed code 433 mhz radio remote controls (configured via theapp eWeLink) to control the four relays on board.

This version PRO is available at a price around to the 35 euro, against the approximately 25 of the non-PRO.


Il Sonoff 4ch (all versions) is natively compatible with the proman appmanagement statement eWeLink (available for Android e iOS), as well as with voice assistants Google Home (Assistant) e Amazon Echo (Alexa).

Furthermore, the Sonoff 4ch (both non-PRO and PRO) is compatible with the service IFTTT.

Domotics integrability

The relative theme tointegration home automation is ample at will, so we will try to provide a "big picture”Overall.

Basically, the line Sonoff (and therefore also the 4ch) cannot be easily integrated with HUB personal more used. In fact, they exist components, plugins, addon and more to take advantage of the ITEAD cloud features (on which the unit is certified by theapp eWeLink) in order to integrate the components Sonoff to HUB, but they are all solutions however bound to the Internet connection and a cloud, however, external to our personal home automation.

The winning solution is the one granted by-design by ITEAD itself: all its home automation components (4h are no exception) they are easily riproprogrammable in order to install alternative firmware (type Sonoff-Tasmota, Espurna etc.) that there untwisting from the binding cloud of the proemployer and endow them with full support a prostandard tocolli such asMQTT.

The adoption of these prostandard tocolli opens at full integration at personal HUBof these powerful components / actuators, allowing not only simple control but also the realization of even rather complex solutions, like that to virtualize non-domotic devices controlled, in the case of 4ch, by four channels, also a clean contact (in the case of PRO).


Detailed evaluation (version PRO, original and not reprogrammato - se riprogrammato, consider full marks in terms of compatibility and integrability):

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
ITEAD Sonoff 4Ch 4Ch PRO - BoAIt is no coincidence that the Sonoff 4ch - especially the version PRO - both between the devices / actuators most known and widespread of the line Sonoff Smart Home.

It is indeed a component extremely versatile: the possibility of implementing it in extremely different scenarios makes it an object for installers and private individuals who want to control very, very different elements.

Finally, its nature based on ESP8266 SOC makes then the Sonoff 4ch ideal candidate for the riproming firmware: open-source firmware like Sonoff-Tasmota allow to implement not only the already existing factory functions, but also to perfect them and implement new ones, including therein prostandard tocolli for full integration with the best known HUB personal.

ITEAD Sonoff BasicATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Sonoff (and more generally to devices ESP8266), for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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