ITEAD Sonoff Basic (R1 and R2)

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Proconductor: ITEAD
Category: Actuator
Type: single channel intelligent switch
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 2.1
ATTENZIONE: This component it is obsolete. In its place is now available the Sonoff Basic R3 / RFR3.

The "Sonoff Basic”Of ITEAD is the simplest and cheapest of the components of the line prolearned "Smart Home"

It is one home automation actuator very simple: serves to open / close a circuit from 90-220 volt; it is in fact a "smart switch", that is an intelligent switch. This actuator accepts the voltage that feeds it in input and then prosee to dispense / not deliver output based on the will of the user who commands it.

This "command" can be executed by pressing the small black button present on the device itself:

ITEAD Sonoff Basic
ITEAD Sonoff Basic.

To check the behavior of the actuator via a final management tool like a smartphone or a tablet, there is aapplished here for the Android world it's a for the world Appthe iOS. this appcommunication allows configure and control the actuator itself and all other ITEAD components of the line SMART HOME.

Il Sonoff Basic is an extremely versatile home automation actuator: it is in fact useful for turning on / off very different electrical utilities, such as lamps, electric motors, fans, as well as any other household appliance powered by 90 to 230 volts and which no exceed the maximum load of 2200 watts (maximum load tolerable by the actuator).
He has an older brother, the Sonoff dual, identical to him but gifted of two output channels.

One of the most interesting possibilities related to Sonoff Basic, in addition to acting as an intelligent switch, is to function as clean contact, therefore useful for activating boilers, remote controls, alarms and much more, all possible with one simple hardware modification.

The opening / closing of the output to 220v can be controlled also by pressing the button placed on the body of the component or activable esternameMarketplace means button or switch (also as diverter).

Sonoff Basic: it is one of the home automation components we prefer, as economic and extremely functional.

Such component is for sale a little dappertutto, for example su Amazon, under the 10 euro.


Sonoff Basic is available on the market in two versions, a very first version and a second one, the "R2", released in November 2018 replacing the first one. The two products are totally the same in functions, in appearance and in price; in fact, the arrangement of the internal components changes.

Both devices are both proprogrammable with alternative firmware which Sonoff-Tasmota, Espurna etc.
Further differences are approfondite on this tab.


Sonoff Basic V1 scheme
internal scheme Sonoff Basic v1

Sonoff Basic Teardown


Sonoff Basic - RF R2 POWER - Front

The R2 stands out not only for the different arrangement of the components, but also from the wording on the board "Sonfof RF R2 Power V1.0"


Il Sonoff Basic it is natively compatible with the proman appeWeLink management message, as well as with voice assistants Google Home (Assistant) e Amazon Echo (Alexa).

In addition, the line Sonoff (and therefore also the Basic) is compatible with the service IFTTT.

Domotics integrability

Il Sonoff Basic it's a great device, but basic is bound in the profirst ecosystem rappresent of the specific from his appeWeLink communication. Therefore, it is not natively integrable to any third party system such as a personale HUB. Nevertheless, from completely closed system what is the Sonoff Basic can become a completely open system through the adoption of proProtocol MQTT, which makes it immediately compatible with Home Assistant, Homebridge and any MQTT client.

To get this result it is necessary to modify the firmware of the component itself (read the disclaimer) and install, in place of the original firmware, a completely rewritten version for this purpose. This alternative (free) firmware can be chosen between two proOpen Source jets dedicated, il proESPurna jet e il projet Tasmota.

We have available a dedicated guide to the riprogrammation of Sonoff Basic via firmware Tasmota.


Detailed evaluation (original version, no reprogrammato - se riprogrammato, consider full marks in terms of compatibility and integrability):

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
ITEAD Sonoff Basic - BoAIl Sonoff Basic and the Fonzie of actuators.

Small, versatile, simple to configure, modifiable both in hardware and in firmware, inexpensive: he has them all to deserve the reputation of an actuator among the most widespread in the world.

Many must the discovery of personal home automation profirst of all: it is a simple, elementary component, which allows you to experience the very first experiences in this field without, for this reason, committing important capitals: with 10 euro you buy the key to enter the incredible skyscraper of personal domotics.

The number one, in every sense.

Riproset an ITEAD switch Sonoff Basic using firmware Tasmota

ITEAD Sonoff BasicATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Sonoff (and more generally to devices ESP8266), for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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