ITEAD Sonoff Dual (R1 and R2)

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Proconductor: ITEAD
Category: Actuator
Type: Intelligent multi-channel switch
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1

The "Sonoff dual"Of ITEAD is an actuator of the family"ITEAD Sonoff Smart Home"

It is one home automation actuator very simple which, unlike his younger brother "Sonoff Basic“, Has a phase / neutral input 100-240 volt e the two phase / neutral outputs from the analogous voltage (and a maximum current of 10A per channel, 15A maximum sum between the two channels).

Substantially it's an intelligent switch (smart switch) which allows punctually and selectively controlling the supply of voltage on two different outputs in order to control two different users.

ITEAD Sonoff Dual R1
ITEAD Sonoff Dual R1.

Once installed, the Sonoff dual - like all actuators of the same family - it is controlled through the proman app dedicated, eWeLink (For Android e iOS): it is possible to control the two outputs independently, or interconnected (turning on one channel also turns on the other, as well as turning it off), also known as "self-lock".

The function of is not available (factory) interlocking (interlock), or the possibility of activating a channel automatically turning off the other and viceversa; is available instead the inching, or the possibility of operating the two channels not as switches but as buttons, or to ensure that once activated remain so for a specific number of seconds (configured by the user) for later deactivate. Also this behavior does not provide for interlocking.

Interlock e inching not interlocked are two interesting aspects for those who want to use Sonoff Dual to check, for example, any tappelectric arrays.

Since the engines for tapparelle usually present two pairs of neutral / phase contacts (in reality then the neutral is common to the two channels, but for simplicity we imagine two pairs of contacts) dedicated one for the climb, one for the descent, connecting these two pairs at the two exits of the Sonoff dual it would be possible to control ascent and descent, but since the firmware no allows interlocking to prevent both channels from being inadvertently blocked are active at the same time, you risk sending a simultaneous voltage to the two motor channels, burning it. Interblocked Inching it would be even more useful, always in the same scenario, in order to time the duration of the ignition (given that the ascent and descent have a given speed expressed in seconds), but for the same reason as above a non-interlocked inchin it is not useful in this scenario.

A non-secondary solution to this proBlema there.

Since the actuators of the ITEAD family Sonoff Smart Home they are riprogrammable in the firmware and since alternative firmware (like the very well known ones Sonoff-Tasmota e Espurna) support piousnament:

  • interlocking
  • inching
  • interlocked inching

then also the Sonoff dual can be conveniently used for the purposes mentioned above.

The riprogrammation, moreover, free the device from the obligation to use theapp eWeLink (and from the cloud of the produttore) and makes the device compatible MQTT, therefore totally integrable with HUB personal most known, making this actuator a homogeneous component for the profirst personal home automation. There proreimbursement orderproming is identical to that of the Sonoff TH-16 / 10-TH.

One of the most interesting possibilities related to Sonoff Dual, in addition to acting as an intelligent switch, is to function as clean contact (double channel), therefore useful for activating boilers, relays, alarms, lifting motors tapparelle (with unpowered channels) and much more, all feasible with one simple hardware modification.

Another interesting aspect is the presence, on the board, of contacts for external control via physical buttons and / or switches, a practice we have described in this projet.

Sonoff Dual - Board - External contacts

The opening / closing of the output to 240v can be controlled also by pressing the button placed on the body of the component or activable esternameMarketplace.


Sonoff dual is available on the market in two versions, a very first version ("R1") and a second version, the "R2", released during 2018 replacing the first one. The two products are totally the same in functions, in appearance and in price; in fact, the arrangement of the internal components changes.


ITEAD Sonoff Dual R1 - Board


ITEAD Sonoff Dual R2 - Detail

Sonoff Dual - Board - Top


Il Sonoff dual it is natively compatible with the proman appmanagement statement eWeLink, as well as with voice assistants Google Home (Assistant) e Amazon Echo (Alexa).

In addition, the line Sonoff (and therefore also the Dual) is compatible with the service IFTTT.

Domotics integrability

Il Sonoff dual it is an excellent actuator, but basic is bound in the profirst ecosystem rappresent of the specific from his appeWeLink communication. Therefore, it is not natively integrable to any third party system such as a personale HUB. Nevertheless, from completely closed system what is the Sonoff Dual can become a completely open system through the adoption of proProtocol MQTT, which makes it immediately compatible with Home Assistant, Homebridge and any MQTT client.

To get this result it is necessary to modify the firmware of the component itself (read the disclaimer) and install, in place of the original firmware, a completely rewritten version for this purpose. This alternative (free) firmware can be chosen between two proOpen Source jets dedicated, il proESPurna jet e il projet Tasmota.

La proreimbursement orderproming is identical to that of the Sonoff TH-16 / 10-TH.
More details on Sonoff Dual are available on the Wiki ITEAD.


Detailed evaluation (original version, no reprogrammato - se riprogrammato, consider full marks in compatibility and integrability):

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
ITEAD Sonoff Dual - BoAIl Sonoff dual it is a well-made actuator, not evolved like its big brother Sonoff 4ch but equally useful, especially if reprogrammato with alternative firmware.

Its dual relay can be used as an intelligent switch as well as clean contact, where yes provveda to a hardware change.

The price does not scare, especially considering the cost of the two if any Sonoff Basic usable in its place: obviously the purchase of the Dual rappit is a convenience. Furthermore, lto firmware modification opens not only to a degree of home automation integrability towards the majors personal HUBmuch wider than the original firmware, but also allows the use of the two channels in an interlocked way, which is extremely useful for those planning to domotize, for example, the lifting of the tapparelle.

Check a Sonoff Dual via external buttons or switches

ITEAD Sonoff BasicATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Sonoff (and more generally to devices ESP8266), for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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