ITEAD Sonoff Mini (R1)

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Proconductor: ITEAD
Category: Actuator
Type: Single channel intelligent switch
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.0

ITEAD Sonoff Mini


The successful ITEAD line "Sonoff Smart Home"Expands making space for a new, precious element, the Sonoff Mini. In fact it is a very similar component to the Sonoff Basic, with the difference of being substantially smaller and equipped with the control function through external switches and buttons (also in deviation).

It is therefore a single channel intelligent switch, Wi-Fi, in direct contrastappposition with the actuator Shelly 1 of the line Shelly Home Automation Systems: the latter has met with enormous success due to the compact dimensions that make it an ideal candidate for the domotization of lights and electrical outlets as it can be placed directly in the wall box; ITEAD replies, appwith this new model, the Sonoff Mini, equally compact and functional.


Sonoff Mini is a component of the size of 42,6 42,6 x x 20mm: perfect, therefore, for placement in wall boxes, even particularly small ones.

ITEAD Sonoff Mini - in box

Supports a load up to 10A (hence 2300W), it is controllable via Wi-Fi (we'll see how and why) and through external switches and buttons. This is certainly it a big advantage compared to his brother Sonoff Basic: the possibility of external control greatly facilitates installation and control also by deviation.

ITEAD Sonoff Mini - Diverter

ITEAD, with this component, profollows on the road of the DIY (do-it-yourself): activating this mode the component "exits" from the availability of control via app eWeLink providing, as an alternative, an internal mini-web server that displays a set of REST control and telemetry APIs. The DIY mode also provides support for the reprofirmware weight alternative (as an example Sonoff-Tasmota, or Espurna and others) finally reproprogrammable means proprocedure OTA (Over-the-air).

Inside the component it is well done, as always when it comes to ITEAD: the components are of quality, the tracks have a correct thickness and the welds are made with accuracy and precision.

ITEAD Sonoff Mini - Interior
the front interior of the Sonoff Mini.

Other neo (secondary): the actuator is not equipped of an absorption meter (as in the case of the brother Sonoff POW) Such a pity.


As with all components Sonoff based on Wi-Fi, the installation it's simple and quite easy: after powering up the unit (so after connecting it to the mains) it is possible to instruct it to access the proman Wi-Fi through the usual app ITEAD eWeLink (For Android e iOS) and the use of the small button on the back of the unit.

Once this first configuration is made, it is possible, again via theapp, turn on / off the output, time control, configure any inching behavior as well as all the functions commonly provided by theapplished here.

Experience of use

Sonoff Mini it is certainly not a surprise: it is in everything and for everything attributable, as experience of use, to the older brother Sonoff Basic - therefore, it is a more than positive experience. The actuator is in fact reliable, reactive and, finally, comfortable with respect to the size and availability of contacts for connection to external switches / buttons. Alleluia.

From a laboratory test we have appurato (using the alternative firmware Sonoff-Tasmota) that signal reception Wi-Fi it's about the top 5% to the model Sonoff Basic R3, proprobably for an implementation of the SOC ESP8266 (heart and brain of the component) and, perhaps, of an improved antenna.

ITEAD Sonoff Mini - Unboxing & unfolding

We have it provato, modifying it, also as a clean contact switch, functionality particularly comfortable in home automation.


The degree of compatibility by the Sonoff Mini is, as usual with ITEAD components, not bad.

First of all it is compatible - of course - with his app ITEAD eWeLink (For Android e iOS), but it is also with Amazon Echo (Alexa) e Google Home (Assistant). Appcompatibility with services IFTTT.

It is not compatible with the standard Appthe HomeKits but, as we will see later, it is a proresolvable problem.

Domotics integrability

In terms of integration the new ITEAD components offer many roads: Sonoff Mini it certainly doesn't make a difference.

First of all it is good to remember how the use of DIY mode previously explained offer native support for a set of REST API control and telemetry, which can be used by personal HUBfor integration direct actuator.

Il ideal vehicle however, for integration it remains MQTT, which can be implemented thanks to the installation of alternative firmware (much more flexible in terms of functions and configurability than the basic one) such as Sonoff-Tasmota: it is the alternative way (suggested not to say highly recommended) more traveled by users around the world.

Home Assistant✔️Via MQTT (via alternative firmware) or via custom component HASS-sonoff-ewelink, or via API REST mode (DIY mode)
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️Via MQTT (via alternative firmware) via component homebridge-mqttthing (or other similar ones)
openHAB✔️Via MQTT (via alternative firmware) via MQTT binding, or via API REST mode (DIY mode)
Domoticz✔️Via MQTT (via alternative firmware) or via API REST mode (DIY mode)
Homey✔️Via app Sonoff and firmware Sonoff-Tasmota installed on the actuator

ITEAD Sonoff Mini


Detailed evaluation:
Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
ITEAD Sonoff Mini - BoAIt always ends up that the ITEAD components get, here on inDomus, excellent ratings.

The reason is simple: they are deserved. The components of this line are notorious, small rough diamonds essential for the definition of profirst personal home automation. Cheap, reliable, functional, flexible: it does not lack profirst nothing, and this Sonoff Mini even succeeds to improve one of the most widespread single-channel switches, the Sonoff Basic, always our great love.

We can be eveningsnamesay that the many use cases this actuator will replace Sonoff Basic: its small size makes it an ideal candidate not only for use in wall boxes, but also in small ones propersonal jets.

Promoved with hands down. Brava ITEAD.

ITEAD Sonoff BasicATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Sonoff (and more generally to devices ESP8266), for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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