ITEAD Sonoff POW (R1 and R2)

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Proconductor: ITEAD
Category: Actuator
Type: Single channel intelligent switch with absorption measurement
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.2

The "Sonoff POW"Of ITEAD is a line actuator"Sonoff Smart Home"Very similar to the puppy of the family, the"Sonoff Basic”, Except for the substantial difference of not being a simple intelligent switch (smart switch), but also an instantaneous load absorption detector appused downstream of the same.

In essence, the "POW" is able to tell us - when its internal switch is "ON" - how much the user connected to its output is absorbing in Watts, Volts, Amps. In reality, this level of detail is reserved for the R2 model, as the previous model R1 (still available on the market) is only able to provide information on the load in Watts.


As mentioned, "Sonoff POW ”is available on the market in two versions, a very first version and a second one, the "R2", released in the middle 2018 alongside the first. Both versions act as intelligent switches; while the R1 is able to provide only indications relating to the Watts absorbed by the load, the R2 is able, as a base, to also provide information regarding the absorption in terms of current (Ampere) and the voltage (Volt).

Both devices are both reproprogrammable with alternative firmware which Sonoff-Tasmota, Espurna etc.
Sonoff-Tasmotais applicensed to POW, allows you to expand the circle of indicators provided by the sensor:

  • resistive absorption in Watts;
  • reactive absorption in Watts;
  • the ratio between the absorption in Watts and the resistive absorption;
  • total consumption in Watt, of the current day and of the previous day:
Sonoff-Tasmota POW R2 Web Interface
the interface Tasmota with Sonoff POW R2.

This additional information is not available, basically, with the sole use of the original firmware and theappmobile communication eWeLink (For Android e iOS).

eWeLink ITEAD Sonoff POW R2
the POW R2 on eWeLink.

Although both current versions are declared valid for use with a maximum load of 16 Ampere, in March 2017 ITEAD itself advised against the use of the version R1 with this load. The firmware developer Sonoff-Tasmota issued an automatic feature such as to adjust the maximum load on the R1 boards.

The R2 version (just to make matters worse) was initially distributed with a pre-version, then with a definitive, current version. The pre-version support 15 Ampere against i 16 of the current, final R2.

R1Sonoff POW R1 - Exterior


Sonoff POW R2 - Exterior
the R2 pre-version from 15 Ampere maximum
Sonoff POW R2 - External 2
the definitive R2 version from 16 Ampere


Installation - always recommending it to qualified operators - is simple and intuitive. Unlike the Sonoff Basic, POW (all versions) also has a dedicated channel to grounding. It provides for entry of a phase, of a neutral and as many exits. The accepted input voltage goes to the 90-250 volts.

ITEAD Sonoff POW - Links
(Attention, the connection scheme may vary between models. Always refer to the official documentation.)


Il Sonoff POW it is natively compatible with the proman appmanagement statement eWeLink (For Android e iOS), as well as with voice assistants Google Home (Assistant) e Amazon Echo (Alexa). No compatibility (direct) with Appthe HomeKits.

In addition, the line Sonoff Smart Home (and therefore also the POW) is compatible with the service IFTTT.

Domotics integrability

Factory the integration of this actuator / sensor is, like practically all devices of the same family, low. Becomes very high, instead, against the riprogrammation of its firmware.

As mentioned above, the POW is also based on a chip architecture ESP8266, therefore it is able to support alternative firmware (Sonoff-Tasmota, ESPeasy, ESPURNA etc.) that allow him to abandon the ecosystem and the constraints imposed by the firmware and by theapp originals instead of a management environment flexible and no longer tied to external clouds profirst home automation.

Once the device has an alternative firmware among those listed above, the consequent availability of the proProtocol MQTT it allows the serene integration with any personale HUB, making it extremely versatile and really useful. Both Home Assistant, openHAB e Domoticz support MQTT, not counting Homebridge (also compatible) and its direct compatibility with Appthe HomeKits.

One of the most interesting functions related to the adoption of Sonoff POW is to allow us to deduce the state of a household appliance (operational / non-operational based on absorption / non-absorption), fundamental function when yes prosee a to domotize something that is not domotic (a washing machine? an air conditioner? etc.) Another interesting function is to allow us to understand (perhaps implementing more than one) of what is the instant domestic absorption, so as to intercept any threshold exceedances (and related automatic disconnections).

La proreimbursement orderprofirmware weight (using Tasmota, but also others) is specified in this guide apposita.
Integration with Home Assistant (post riprofirmware version) we have dedicated another one guide apposita.


Detailed evaluation (original version, no reprogrammato - se riprogrammato, consider full marks in terms of compatibility and integrability):

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
ITEAD Sonoff POW R2 - BoAIl Sonoff POW is a switch / sensor extremely versatile. It costs about twice as much Sonoff Basic, but certainly it is able to make up for many more functions.

First of all, it is suitable for installations which provide for earthing, what the Basic does not support. Secondly (but not in terms of importance) it is equipped with a sensor of absorption, sensor able to provide us with useful metrics especially in the use through HUB personal: consumption statistics, posting and overload prevention, deduction of the state of a household appliance: new, very useful, "senses" for our home automation.

The R1 version is not recommended, because for a purchase price almost identical to the R2 the availability of final indicators is certainly lower (only instant absorption in Watts).

Highly recommendedinstead, the R2 version.

ITEAD Sonoff BasicATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Sonoff (and more generally to devices ESP8266), for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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