LUMI line “Aqara Smart Home Automation”

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Proconductor: LUMI
Category: Home automation components
Type: BRIDGE/Gateway / sensors / actuators
Technology: Wi-Fi / ZigBee
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Middle / High
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.0

LUMI Aqara Family


The line "Aqara Smart Home Automation"Of LUMI it is one of the best known - and easily confused - lines of components for personal home automation available on the international market.

It is in fact a line often confused with the direct rival (by type of ecosystem) of Xiaomi (of which "universe" LUMI is anyway part), or the "Mi Smart Home (Mijia)". There are many similarities, starting with BRIDGE/Gateway which in all respects (from design to functionality) resembles that present in the rival line. The one of LUMIhowever, it is a much more defined and reduced line in terms of number of components.

"Aqara Smart Home Automation” is an essentially solution based on proProtocol ZigBee and is composed of different types of components useful to cover the most disparate needs in the domotic environment.

All components can be configured and managed via theapp mobile Aqara Home (available for iOS e Android); such app (in havenamento col BRIDGE/Gateway ZigBee↔︎TCP/IP LUMI which we will talk about shortly) acts as central automation, enabling the historical analysis of the profirst home automation, the remote management, to the obvious automation and much more. The gateway, as we shall see, is natively compatible with Appthe HomeKits, which allows you to govern the components connected to it directly through theapp Appthe "Houses".


Before we go into the various components of the line, we need to mention that the (potential) heart of the ecosystem LUMI, Or the BRIDGE/Gateway Zigbee↔︎TCP/IP necessary (in the absence of anything else, we will see the alternatives) for the adoption of any component of the line LUMI "Aqara Smart Home Automation" based on ZigBee. This component serves as theappanointed by "bridge" between the proProtocol ZigBee and the TCP/IP (conveyed away Wi-Fi).

Il gateway di LUMI it's a pretty simple powered unit via mains voltage, which is taken directly through a plug mounted on the back. The unit stands out from the gateway Xiaomi with a concave back and the word "Aqara".

Gateway LUMI Aqara

Il gateway LUMI Aqara is natively compatible with the standard Appthe HomeKits, therefore each component ZigBee connected and configured (via theapp Aqara Home) to that gateway can be directly controlled via theapp Appthe "Houses".

In the summer 2019 LUMI announced a new model of BRIDGE/Gateway Zigbee↔︎TCP/IP (called "Aqara M2 Hub"), Which supports the most recent standard of the proProtocol ZigBee (3.0, more flexible and secure) as well as networks Wi-Fi 2.4-5Ghz. The declared functionalities remain the same as those of the previous model, from which it differs, beyond what was said above, in the design:

Aqara M2 Hub

Sensorie actuators

The line "Aqara Smart Home Automation” includes a certain number of sensors and actuators, we say immediately, of excellent quality. The low cost, the pleasant design, the reliability and the long life make these components among the most widespread and universally taken as a reference.

I sensors I'm:

while i actuators I'm:

These components are all based on proProtocol ZigBee and can also be controlled via the gateway Xiaomi and relative app Xiaomi Mi Home. Obviously using this combination, the sensors will not be controllable via Appthe HomeKit (the gateway Xiaomi is not compatible with this standard).


In terms of compatibility the line "Aqara Smart Home Automation”(Implemented through the proprio gateway) is compatible - very rare case - with all. Everything, in practice, with what we consider fundamental and indispensable on inDomus.

"Aqara Smart Home Automation"In fact it is compatible with AppHomeKit, but also with Amazon Alexa e Google Home as well as the service IFTTT besides, of course, with the proman appmobile communication and the free suite "Aqara Home"Cited above.

Furthermore, all sensors and actuators are compatible with the gateway Xiaomi previously mentioned; moreover, being a line based mainly on proProtocol ZigBee, the alternative to the adoption of BRIDGE/Gateway expected concentrator may be to use i gateway ZigBee of the Dresden Elektronik, or "RaspBee" and "ConBee"


Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
LUMI Aqara Smart Home Automation - BoADi LUMI we can only talk about good things: the sensors and actuators are among the best known, known and adopted internationally for quality, versatility and economy. The fact of being manageable both from proprio gateway than from Xiaomi, as well as from antennas such as "RaspBee" and "ConBee"Make it the ideal objects to measure and manage the profirst home automation.

In terms of integration, it is important know that the gateway LUMI it is in no way integrable with HUB personal: if this (rightly) is the idea you have in mind, it is better to fall back on gateway Xiaomi (which itself however, it has limitations in terms of integrability) or the aforementioned antennas coordinated by deCONZ (preferable choice) or zigbee2mqtt. If you are a user Appthe HomeKits, the entire ecosystem LUMI it is more than recommended, otherwise "only" sensors and actuators are, as they are very cheap but of great quality and reliability.


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