Minut Point (multi-safety sensor)

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Proconductor: Minutes
Category: Sensore
Type: Multi-sensor
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Middle / High
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.2
Minut Point - App and unity

To define Minut Point it's not easy. Is it a sensor? Yes, but not only. Is it an alarm? Yes, but not in a strict sense. Does it just detect intrusions? No, it does even more. Maybe it's a personal hardware HUB? It follows some characteristics, but it is not precisely that.

Minut Logo

In short: what is it, Minut Point? It took us a few days to understand where the real value was, and perhaps this is his only flaw: it is not easy to understand what exactly it is and why it can be useful in our personal domotics. Once understood, it is a really interesting object.

Minut Point of Swedish Minutes it is born as a basic alarm system (which can also be integrated with any pre-existing alarm systems, but we get there) designed to protect, first and foremost, the privacy of tenants. The Minut team reasoned about the possibility of guaranteeing safety regardless of the presence of IP Cam, from many not apprezzate for potential, indirect proprivacy problem connected to them. The result is, for theappgreasy, Minut Point.

Let's go by degrees.

Minut Point

Minut Point is a cylindrical unit of four inches in height and nine in diameter (the shape reminds a smoke sensor) installable to the ceiling or more generally to the wall. All in rigid plastic, it strikes for compactness and quality of the material. It does not need power supply - great advantage - as it is equipped with a rechargeable battery via USB-C cable (supplied) lasting about six months. The solution adopted for disassembly is interesting: the only thing to really mount on the wall (with adhesive or wall stop) is a thin but solid metal plate, to which the unity is linked magnetically (and quite firmly, to tell the truth). To detach it is enough ... to pull.

As we will see, Minut Point is useful both in individual rooms (bedrooms, for example) or in different parts of a simple one appartamento like those of a multi-storey villa. Furthermore, it is particularly useful for those who need to monitor common areas, such as in the case of bed-and-breakfast and similar.


Once installed the unit and turned on using the selector on the bottom is necessary provvedere to the first configuration of the same through theapp Point (available for iOS e Android). The location of theapp it is not available in Italian but Minut, requested to such proposito, confirmed an interest in making Italian available among the supported languages.

Theapp requires creating a first account and, once accessed, the definition of a profirst "home" rappresented by a geographical position and by a profirst name.

Defined the "home" it is time to install the first Minut Point, L 'app clearly guides the operating steps to be performed: turn on the unit, indicate the coordinates of the Wi-Fi, the name of the room in which the unit will be installed.

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Theapp, subsequently, it allows to "invite" other accounts (relative to the other members of the family) in order to create a "pool" of people which will be used by theapp (and related geolocation provided by the operating system) and the related cloud to determine the state of presence of people in the home (we'll see shortly why). Finally, theapp Point allows you to install any other additional units installed in various parts of the house.

At the end of the first installation phase it is finally possible to start using Minut Point. And here comes the beauty.

Minut Point - Ceiling


Let's start with what is the main feature of Minut Point: it is a miniaturized alarm system based on the ability to detect movement. In fact it integrates a real motion sensor e profirst: the alarm it arms itself automatically when all the members of the family (surveyed through theapp Point) I'm away from home *; to determine this condition (as suggested in the installation section) is used smartphone geolocation on which theapp Point. When all the tenants move away from the geographical position of the proAt home, Minut Point automatically enters “armo” mode, therefore any movement detection will be interpreted as burglary, triggering an audible alarm by the unit (or units, if there is more than one) as well as immediate notification push at the smartphones of the various family members.

* It is well known that the rig is correct automatic on a presence basis today is a function in release, which should happen, as confirmed by the produttore, in the prosime weeks. The rig (to date) is manual, through app. We will update you appena function will be formally available.

The notification can also be sent automatically to a group of friends (neighbors, or close friends), a list that can always be defined by theapp Point. In the event of an alarm report and if no family member opens theapp within 45 seconds after receiving the notification, this report is automatically turned even to friends.

Minut Point is also pet-friendly: by vertical mounting (rather than on the ceiling) it is not triggered by the passage of any pets or by a robot vacuum cleaner.

A very interesting feature linked to the alarm function is the possibility of teaching Minut Points to recognize the sound of one or more different sirens that can sound in the environment: this allows you to be notified even in the presence of the triggering of a pre-existing alarm, especially if not home automation. Moreover, it is able to recognize (and interpret it as a burglary) the noise of a glass burglary.

Minut Point is also a mini-central sensor. It is in fact able to detect temperature (to the tenth of a degree), relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, level of noise (in decibels) and, finally, the "mold risk“: In the face of a cyclical analysis, it reports to the family the possible conditions at risk of mold formation. A very interesting function to guarantee the healthiness of the propri domestic environments.

Minut Point - Sensorthe detailsMinut Point - Sensori - History

In single unit settings it is also possible set thresholds on the various parameters for which to be alerted, always via notifications push, with respect to possible exceedances (too high humidity, too much noise, etc.). It is also possible to set a night time range for which the unit turns on in the event of presence detection (with the family present) profirst light thelumination, guaranteeing night owls to walk around the house without the risk of crashing into the dark.

Minut Point - Point SettingsMinut Point - Sensori - Notifications

Finally, the back of the Minut Point: it's a button, which - if reachable, compatibly with the positionnameof the installation - can be configured to manually deactivate the alarm. The button is a particularly useful function, as we shall see, also on the integration front.

Minut Point - Ceiling mounting


The degree of compatibility recognized by productor - outside of that, native, with theapp Point (as mentioned available for iOS e Android), she is very tall.

Natively "Minut Point" in fact supports:

Appthe HomeKits seems to be missing theappello, but Minut has already declared to be in progirded to issue an updatenamefirmware in order to make the device compatible. We will also be on this proto update you.

It goes without saying that compatibility with the major smart speakers is to be understood as the ability to control the panel and pilot its functions via voice commands.

Domotics integrability

In terms of home automation integrability, the solution does not present proproblems of any kind.


Home Assistant integrates pienameMarketplace Minut Point via API Cloud. The interesting thing is integration generates a series of entities, first of a kind "Alarm Control Panel", With all that derives from it (read our"panoramica"On compatible alarm systems Home Assistant). Furthermore all the sensor entries are reported 1: 1 at Home Assistant: therefore we provide a noise sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor plus a whole series of "Binary Sensor". Closes the picture a very comfortable button (the one on the spine) to which we can assign the most disparate functions within our personal domotics (lighting lights, triggering of scenes etc.)

Entities defined by integration They are the following:

Minut Point - Home Assisant - Alarm Control Panel
the Alarm Control Panel.

Minut Point - Home Assisant - entity list

The guide to integrate Minut Point at Home Assistant is available here.


Despite Minut exposing API interfacing in his cloud, to date there does not seem to be any plugin available for Homebridge that allows you to make Minut Point indirectly compatible with Appthe HomeKits. Prorelative problem, given that, as mentioned, native compatibility with this standard it should be imminent.
Obviously to get around this limit it is now possible to use Home Assistant in order to expose its entities (and therefore also Minut) towards appthe HomeKits (here a Pproelucidation).

In regards to openHAB there seem to be no details prointegration problems via the cloud, while Domoticz remains (to date) at the stake, similarly to Homebridge.


Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Minut Point - Buy on AmazonLet's start withelephant in the room: the price. 150 euros for a single device are not few, at least in appARENCY. If, however, we focus on the characteristics and carry out an elementary calculation that sums up the costs to be borne to equip ourselves a presence detector, a temperature and humidity sensor, a noise detector, a small alarm siren and - last but not least - all artificial intelligence able to manage the functions described above in concert, then the speech changes.

The truth is that Minut Point is a complete component that - especially those who do not yet have large functionalities implemented at home - makes up for so many features quick and effective. Already by itself, without integration with HUB personal, significantly raises the technological level of the proenvironment, equipping the family with a device that guarantees safety both in physical terms and in terms of healthiness of the environment (with respect to environmental parameters and the analysis of mold risk.

Finally, a consideration of practical sense: Minut Point is particularly evident in second homes where, in havenamewith a fixed line or a simple modem 3G-4G /Wi-Fi you can check the safety of the environment from a distance.

If you are thinking of entering the world of personal domotics from the front door or if you want to equip yourself with elements that improve what you already have, Minut Point it is certainly a good solution.

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