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openHAB LogoopenHAB (Acronym for Open Home Automation bus) it's a personale HUB Open Source widely distributed on the world market.

It is a tool completely free, developed by a lively dedicated community, whose purpose is to integrate the existing home automation components and those of future development and implementation, all independently of promanufacturer and related technology applicata.

openHAB is based on amodular architecture, ad Addon, through which it is possible to effectively interface more than two hundred between technologies and systems, for a total of thousands of home automation devices on the market. The engine of openHAB allows the automation of the devices and the related technologies supported through the use of rules that can be managed through the use of script, actions, notifications, trigger e voice commands.

openHAB LogoWhat it takes to make it work OpenHAB it is, in essence (as indeed happens with others) HUB analogues) is a computer to act as a server for the home automation system you want to implement. To use a simple and cost-effective solution it is almost a must to implement Raspberry Pi (but not necessary, especially if you already have a home server or a device similar)

Nothing prevents, however, from implementing openHAB on a normal personal computer, but since having to act as a server for the home automation network and therefore always remain access and connected to the network Wi-Fi domestic, the voice energy consumption may have its relevance. The choice of a device type Raspberry-Pi o PINE64 allows, from this point of view, continuous operation and very low consumption. However, a personal computer remains a valid choice for the initial testing phase.

OpenHAB it is available, on the server side, in the environment Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Docker, Synology.

For the final management tools you can check openHAB via devices app dedicated for Android, iOS e Windows.
Although openHAB does not require connection to Cloud services to work, it can still be connected to final management tools based on Cloud services (Alexa, Google Assistant, Appthe Homekits) through a specific connector (myopenHAB service, also free) or through a personalized Cloud service.

openHab PaperUI
an example of an interface openHAB


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