Platform Home Assistant "Nanoleaf Light Panel "

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Proconductor: Home Assistant Community
Availability: included in thepersonale HUB Home Assistant
Category: software
Type: platform Home Assistant
Family: component "Light” Home Assistant
Implementation difficulties: low

The “Nanoleaf Light Panel " (present on Home Assistant from 0.90.x version) is useful for integrating to profirst personal home automation based on Home Assistant the panels lumiLEDs from the Nanoleaf range, Such as Aurora o Canvas.

This integration allows not only to survey the status of the panel (or panels) present in the proenvironment but also to fully control this element: integration, in fact, generates aent of type "Light"Which can be controlled manually or by automations, script, scenes etc.


To create aentity "Light”(Climate) via this platform the block to be inserted at the configuration "configuration.yaml" di Home Assistant it is basically similar to the following:

# Esempio di configurazione
  - platform: nanoleaf
    token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Where the proownership I'm:

host(string, mandatory) IP address of the panel
token (string, mandatory) Device access token


on inDomus there is a guide appdedicated to implementation of this platform.

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