Platform Home Assistant "Tile"

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Proconductor: Home Assistant Community
Availability: included in thepersonale HUB Home Assistant
Category: software
Type: platform Home Assistant
Family: component "Device Tracker” Home Assistant
Implementation difficulties: low

The "Tile" platform, daughter of the component "Device Tracker” di Home Assistant, serves to use the "Tile”(Bluetooth tracker) as GPS position detectors to be implemented in domotics such as presence detection sensors.

Such information proare dall 'app mobile (available for Android e iOS) present on users' telephones which, ordinarily, is used to administer these convenient bluetooth devices.

In practice, this platform takes advantage of a secondary function of this hardware device.


the configuration basis of the "Tile" platform at the file configuration.yaml it's pretty simple.
It is sufficient to insert an entry of this type:

  - platform: tile
    password: la_mia_password

The variables available for configuration customization are the following:

username(string, mandatory) The email address used to authenticate on theapp mobile
password(string, mandatory) The password used to authenticate on theapp mobile
monitored_variables(list, optional) The type (s) of tiles to be monitored (valid values ​​TILES and PHONE)
show_inactive(boolean, optional) Whether or not to display Tile no longer valid / associated withapp mobile

Multiple accounts (and therefore more Tile) can be added simply by adding more configuration blocks indicating different emails / passwords.
I device recognized are listed by Home Assistant at the file know_devices.yaml.


on inDomus there is a guide appdedicated to implementation of this platform.


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