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Proconductor: Luke Rhodes
Availability: at GitHub
Category: software
Type: plugin Homebridge
Implementation difficulties: half

The plugin "homebridge-broadlink-rm"Is a wonderful free software component that lets you define up Homebridge of the virtual accessories which, when activated, arise in the transmission of infrared and / or radio-frequency signals via actuators Broadlink like theRM Mini 3 or theRM Pro/Pro+ or other analogues of the same family.

These virtual accessories can be:

  • switches
  • sockets
  • fans
  • shine
  • garage door opening
  • locks
  • tends
  • conditioners

All these accessories can be configured on Homebridge as if they were real e profirst home automation components, thus allowing us to define automations (also controllable from outside the home) as if we owned home automation devices, even though they were not.

One of the most typical uses of this plugin is to control an air conditioner / air conditioner: the emulated component allows to control the target temperature and temperature during heating or cooling. The plugin is designed to configure different infrared codes for different temperatures and different scenarios, allowing punctual control of the conditioner through theapp"House" indication of Appthe iOS and Siri. More information on the final management tools are available here.

Another use easily achievable through this excellent plugin is the definition of scenes. It is in fact possible to define virtual switches which, when activated, send several infrared codes in sequence.

The plugin is not particularly complex to configure and has, by default, a virtual switch which, if activated, allows theappyield of infrared hexadecimal codes, which greatly simplifies the configuration of the accessories.

More technical information is available at the guide written by the developer.

On inDomus we have realized a guide for implementing this plugin on Homebridge.

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