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Proconductor: Pushbullet
Availability: on-line
Category: online service
Type: messaging
Implementation difficulties: low

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Pushbullet is a free online service that is very useful not only in the domotic environment but, more in a generic sense, to have cross-messagingplatform, or available for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux but also mobile devices like Appi iOS, Android) and for more clothes applicenses (typically browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc.).

In practice it is possible create a proyour personal account and, at the end of the procedura, to log in from any device (via the related appand send / receive messages from there. Messages can arrive:

  • from other users;
  • da applicenses (eg. making a "send file" Pushbullet ”from the operating system);
  • from fields applicenses (for example from HUB personal in the domotic environment).

In the domotic environment Pushbullet it is a valid ally in case you want to automatically forward notifications and / or specific content from profirst home automation to all (or some) smartphones and / or computers of the tenants of the domotic environment. Since it is a multi-platform service, it "unties" from the need to use specific devices for specific notification and control functions.


Domotics integrability

Pushbullet exposes public API, which allows it to be used as a notification tool by the profirst personal home automation.

Home Assistant has a platform linked to the profirst component "Notification"Such as to be able to manage any notification to that platform (we have dedicated an ad hoc guide on how to integrate).

openHAB he has at his disposal a add-on for the same purpose; similarly it does Domoticz which will allow it to be profirst dedicated component.

Nothing, however, regarding the front Homebridge. But there is to say that the platform Apple HomeKit is already equipped with a system proprietario - although not customizable - of notifications.

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