Raspberry Pi

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Proconductor: Raspberry Pi Foundation
Category: Mini computer
Type: Single-board
Technology: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Low Energy
Installation difficulties: Middle / Low
Ease of use: did
Availability: vedi sotto
Review review: 1.3

Il Raspberry Pi (briefly Raspberry) it's a mini computer created in England in the 2012, which quickly achieved an extraordinary worldwide sales success.

The success factors of this prolearned in extremely reduced dimensions (only 6 cm. x 5 approx. cm), in power and integrated components (HDMI output, stereo audio output, Ethernet port, Wifi antenna, USB ports etc.) as well from the extremely contained price and competitive (few tens of euros).

The Raspberry, from its introduction, has seen the succession of models increasingly modern and powerful, while maintaining the characteristics of size and consumption.

The two models of current, greater diffusion are the Raspberry Pi 3B and the Raspberry Pi 3 B +, as they have a power that makes them, given their very low energy consumption, ideal for making propersonal jets for the most diverse purposes. In the summer 2019 the model came out Raspberry Pi 4B, who profollows the tracks of the predecessors, introducing further computing power e various new features.

All pants these models share the same operating system and are easily installed all in the same way.

Scheme of the components of a Raspberry Pi  3
Scheme of the components of a Raspberry Pi 3

Examples of use

The nature of the Raspberry makes it ideal for making babies propersonal jets. One of the most typical uses is to exploit it as media Center for the vision of prolive or streaming television grams using free software Kodi and connecting to your home TV via the HDMI port included on the device itself.

Another widespread use is to make a video game station thanks to the adoption of free software prolearned from projet retropie, which allows you to play thousands of "past" video games available - also for free - on the Internet.

Use in home automation

In domotics, Raspberry it is the ideal object to configure and run the proprio HUB personal. These free software can easily be run even on computers Windows and / or Apple, but the need to have them active all day, every day, makes this choice - given the average power consumption of a traditional computer - economically not convenient.

Raspberry, with its very few electric absorption WATTs (around 5), offers instead an environment where to install these software leaving them in perpetual execution, allowing us to realize our personal domotics in an economically sustainable way. Besides Homebridge and / or Home Assistant, Raspberry can at the same time offer many other services (some mentioned in the previous paragraph), thus proving to be a particularly appropriate investment. Raspberry is an inexpensive and extraordinarily flexible handyman.

More information is available at the Italian Wikipedia page dedicated to Raspberry Pi.


Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Raspberry Pi 3 B + Kit - Buy on AmazonNotwithstanding that "want is power", will be facilitated in the use of this device all those who have a minimum of preparation and familiarity with basic electronics and the concepts of Linux operating system. Even a smattering can be enough, it is enough a little commitment and the desire to learn something new. Of course Raspberry Pi it is not suitable for those who do not have the will and talent to learn how to configure a small Linux server.

To discover how to activate Rasperry Pi from scratch, please refer to our dedicated guide, "How to install and configure Raspberry Pi"

A note of color: Raspberry Pi is, to date, the only one home automation component that has totaled 5 stars in Domus evaluations.

We love it. Of an eternal love.

Tips for buying

For those approaching for the first time in the world Raspberry Pi / Domotics (and not), choosing what to buy can be complicated.

Let's face it all: a Raspberry Pi 3B it is more than enough to do personal home automation. If we want to dare a little more - that is, have a unit a faster thread - it is more than good Raspberry Pi 3B +. Moreover, it costs practically the same amount.
The model Raspberry Pi 4B instead it is recommended alone to those who imagine using it tomorrow (or immediately) also for more intensive uses, for example use it to watch movies in 4K with h265 format via Kodi (it's an example).

Essentially, what it takes to get started with the propria domotica is the Raspberry Pi, a power supply and a micro SD card, as well as a support computer (Windows, Mac, Linux: is indifferent). Essentially, nothing else is needed, neither monitor, nor mouse or keyboard.

If you have a USB power adapter at home (those for mobile phones, to understand) able to deliver at least 2 Ampere and a cable with USB head that comes out with microUSB (for Raspberry Pi 3) or USB-C (for Raspberry Pi 4), you already have a good part of what you need. At this point it remains the unit and the microSD (or "the hard disk" of the microcomputer), which must be (and this is a must) fast and reliable, usually 32gb cut (a good comproput in size and cost)

Following a selection of alternatives:

Unit Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 3Bprice no longer reliable
Raspberry Pi 3B +updated price
Raspberry Pi 4B (2GB of RAM)updated price
Raspberry Pi 4B (4GB of RAM)updated price
microSD Sandisk Extreme 32GBupdated price
microSD Samsung EVO 32GBupdated price
microSD - other modelsvariable
USB / microSD adapterupdated price
3 USB power supply 2A USB ports eachupdated price
USB / microUSB cable (for Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B +)variable
USB / USB-C cable (for Raspberry Pi 4B)variable
Case (case - we recommend using a cooling fan)
Houses for Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B +variable
Houses for Raspberry Pi 4Bvariable

Where instead you do not have nothing and start from scratch, we recommend (for a matter of practicality and savings) the purchase of kits, which usually contain everything you need (unit, power supply, microSD, microSD adapter). The advice is still that to replace the supplied microSD (usually of low quality) with a more performing and reliable (see above).

kit Raspberry Pi 3B +updated price
kit Raspberry Pi 4Bvariable (based on RAM)

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