Sensibo Sky (v2)

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Proconductor: Sensibo
Category: Actuator
Type: Climate control system
Technology: Wi-Fi / Infrared
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1

Sensibo Sky v2


"Sensibo Sky v2"Is essentially an infrared actuator capable of controlling - knowing the codes in advance - a large number of models of traditional non-home automation conditioners.

Nb First di profollow the reading we recommend reading the overview on “air conditioners and personal home automation"

In essence it is such a tool to replace the traditional remote control of our air conditioner and, through theapp homonymous (for Android e iPhone), check the unit by sending infrared codes.

Sensibo Sky v2 environment

A certainly interesting function it is that of switching on / off / switching based on the user's geo-position: through the geolocation of theapp mobile you can set the actuator to let it operate automatically, after setting the actions to be taken.

Sensibo Sky can operate remotely (through the use of profirst cloud, read here to better understand the concept of remote control); it is not a thermostat, so it is not possible to imagine using it as a thermometer to read, especially remotely, the temperature of the environment in which it is installed.

Finally, basic it is not possible to configure complex automation scenarios, of the type "when I leave work, IF the temperature in the house is higher than X then turn on the air conditioner”(Sensibo does not have a temperature sensor). However, it is possible to circumvent the proproblem, we talk about it in the "conclusions" section.

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* Small appanointed on PRICE: in the talk at the end, under "Alternative".


The compatibility indicated by promanufacturer are related to the control through Google Home (Assistant), Amazon Echo (Alexa) e IFTTT. No compatibility is indicated for Appthe HomeKits.

Domotics integrability

In terms of home automation integrability, to date we detect presence of a compatibility plugin Homebridge such as to make the Sensibo Sky v2 compatible with Appthe HomeKits. It is also available a native component of Home Assistant for the integration on this beloved HUB personal.


Sensibo Sky v2 boxOur personal final judgment is positive: Sensibo Sky v2 it is an excellent device for domotizing a traditional air conditioner, which uses a banal but effective philosophy: Smart remote control replacement.

What surely hits us is the availability of components and plugins for control via Home Assistant and Homebridge: combined with the already existing compatibility Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, Sensibo becomes an even more valid tool, because it allows us to integrate it into our organic and centralized home automation, expanding its functionality even more.

Using Homebridge and / or Home Assistant it will be possible to define much more complex automation scenarios of the basic ones already present (however useful and interesting). The absence of a temperature sensor inside the device it can in fact be circumvented via a sensor already configured in the profirst home automation: given that Homebridge e Home Assistant have the function of centralizing and harmonizing everything, it will be possible to make this object coexist and interact with the rest of the domotics (appromerge here).

Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Sensibo Sky v2 - BoASore the price, which it does not come close, although it is justified by functions and qualities.

In case you want to spend less, with the same purpose and with the same functionality you can use a Broadlink RM Mini 4 (about 20 euro per piece) and implement one of ours projets (For Android / iPhone)

Exists (appalways valid for the two proreported jets) also the model Broadlink RM Pro+, similar to the younger brother but more complete: this model, in fact, also supports radio frequency signals.

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