Shairport-sync (Appthe AirPlay)

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Developer: Mike brady
Availability: At Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: audio player
Implementation difficulties: low

Apple Airplay icon

Shairport-sync is an open-source software that allows you to transform un Raspberry Pi (but also computers equipped with Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD) in an audio receiver compatible with the format Appthe AirPlay.

Appthe AirPlay it's a protocol that allows devices Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac) to transmit an audio stream to the ri deviceproduction, all using the network Wi-Fi/ LAN instead of qualitatively questionable bluetooth. There are now many stereo systems and smart speakers that support this protocollo: it is sufficient to configure these devices on the home network and then press on the AirPlay transmission icon on the proYour player to select which device to useproto reduce the audio flow.

Apple Airplay - selection

The strong points of this protocollo are: the quality, far superior to bluetooth, the possibility of re-processingproto run simultaneously on more rooms and, ultimately, sending of the ONLY audio stream in riprono other system sounds, such as smartphone notifications.

The weak point of this protocollo is in the fact that, to adopt it, it is necessary or to purchase an ad hoc receiver, for example the D-Link DCH-M225, of the breakage already prepared for AirPlay (like the SONOS, or Appthe HomePods), or the A / V receivers true e propri.

The alternative he is our beloved Raspberry Pi and adoption, appanointed, of Shairport-sync.

This highly configurable software allows you to use the female 3,5mm stereo jack port of the Raspberry Pi as an audio output, which can be connected with a male 3.5mm jack cable - RCA Stereo male at the entrance of an amplification system, or directly to headphones or speakers equipped with 3.5mm stereo jacks.

A well structured domotic scenario could see the implementation of a script / switch on Homebridge/Home Assistant which, if activated, turns on the amplifier via infrared as usual Broadlink RM Mini 4, set it to the correct AUX input, after which it would be sufficient to select the corresponding output from the smartphone e start the reproduction.

Appthe AirPlay widgets

The interesting thing about Shairport-sync is the fact to be widely configurable: you can set it to amplify the signal in terms of gain based on output needs; choose the audio decoding driver, choose the name to display on the devices and much more.

Vote 4 and not 5 for a single flaw: Shairport-sync (to date) does not support the newest AirPlay 2, which introduces multi-room synchronization.

We will soon publish a guide dedicated to installation and optimal configuration on our Raspberry Pi.

On inDomus we have published an installation and configuration guide on Raspberry Pi.

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