Shelly line "Home Automation Systems "

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Proconductor: Shelly
Category: Home automation components
Type: Various kinds
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Media
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1

"Home Automation System " (certainly not the most imaginative name ever in domotics) is the Bulgarian component line Shelly, which - undeniably - is achieving great sales success in our country.


Shelly is de facto of a direct competitor of ITEAD and its well-known line prolearned "ITEAD Smart Home", proundisputed protagonist of many prodomotics jets: the components of his line "Home Automation System ”are mostly based on SOC ESP8266 similar to those of ITEAD (and many others proproducers), therefore they follow the philosophy of use and functionality.

The line products is expressed in this general list:

All the products use the traditional as a communication channel Wi-Fi through which, exploiting the profirstfinal management tool, or theapp "Shelly Cloud”(Available for iOS e Android), you can configure and control them.

These devices offer (to date) something extra compared to the aforementioned ITEAD: the whole line is designed to be controlled via the proman app (which also serves da HUB), but it is expressly prothrown to be "open" in terms of home automation integration.

In fact, Shelly offers, very intelligently, two avenues that can be pursued for those who, like us, want punctual and personal control of the domotic components.

  • availability of HTTP API cloud, which allow you to control devices using the cloud proteacher without going throughapp (see official technical documentation);
  • native availability of proProtocol MQTT: blessed choice of Shelly, which allows a standard and direct control of its components without the need for external connections, with all the advantages of the case, especially without the need to reproconfigure the firmware as in the case of ITEADs Sonoff.

In physical terms, the relays (Shelly1, Switch e 4 PRO) I am natively prothrown to be controlled also by deviators, which allows use in environments where multiple wall switches are used. The small dimensions of Shelly1 and Shelly relays Switch they are such as to allow mounting in 503 recessed boxes, the traditional ones for wall switches / plugs, to understand.

Shelly1 size

Cards dedicated to individuals products (in editing) will clarify these aspects in prodays.


In terms compatibility, the line "Home Automation Systems " it is discreet.
Basic components are all compatible with Google Home e Amazon Alexa. No compatibility (for the moment) with Appthe HomeKits, therefore indirectly even with Siri.

As explained, the line is configured and controlled byapp "Shelly Cloud”(Available for iOS e Android), which acts as a mini HUB also allows you to define automation scenarios among the various components (of the same line) present in the environment.

Domotics integrability

In terms of integration, the component line promailed by Shelly does not need big explanations: it's compatible MQTT, and this is enough and advances to affirm that integrability is absolute.

Home Assistant, openHAB, Domoticz: whatever thepersonale HUB that you have implemented, these devices will be integrated with simplicity and great effectiveness. The same speech is valid for those who use Homebridge to get full compatibility towards Appthe HomeKits.

Moreover, since these are components based on EPS8266 is guaranteed also compatibility with Sonoff-Tasmota and similar firmware solutions (eg Espurna), which makes these devices even more integrable and customizable if if you want to implement additional features.

final Thoughts

Shelly 1 - Buy on AmazonThe line proShelly scholars we love it for many reasons, and the big noise around this brand is highly motivated. inDomus will address the progo to the field of devices and report procastings, solutions, guides dedicated to them.
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