Sonoff-Tasmota (fork by stefanbode)

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Proconductor: Stefan Bode (on master project of Theo Arends)
Category: Software
Type: Custom firmware / fork
Technology: ESP8266
Installation difficulties: Middle / Low
Ease of use: Media
Availability: at GitHub
Review review: 1.4

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Sonoff-Tasmota (abbrev. Tasmota) it's a firmware Open Source alternative for chip-based devices ESP8266 such as, for example, those of the line ITEAD Sonoff Smart Home.

This firmware replaces the "factory", introducing support to proProtocol MQTT, a timer, updatenamenti OTA (over the air), web interface, support for serial control, HTTP and KNX and much more: all with the aim of disconnecting it from its initial operating logic (described below) and allowing its insertion in more structured, harmonious and integrated environments which HUB personal.

Attenzione: this is not the page dedicated to the firmware Sonoff-Tasmota, but to one modified version of the same conceived mainly for use in control scenarios of tappmotorized arches. The page dedicated to the main firmware "Tasmota" is available here.

Sonoff-Tasmota version "fork”By Stefan Bode is a modified version of the firmware Sonoff-Tasmota designed specifically to equip devices that mount it with additional features not included in promain jet but still useful for some specific uses.

This alternative firmware is particularly apprezzato, in fact, to those who decide to check the tappelectric arrays with actuators based on ESP8266 (eg Sonoff dual and / or Sonoff 4CH).

The version Tasmota by Stefan Bode, in fact, introduces - among the various functionalities - the possibility of making known, by deduction, the absolute position of tapparella in terms of opening percentage and to communicate it to personal home automation via payload MQTT.

The big one prothe problem of all time, in fact, is that to make manual control coexist of tapparelle (typically through push-buttons / wall switches) with the home automation one (at proprio personale HUB). As long as you check the tapparella through HUBin fact, none proproblem: home automation "knows" (by configuration) how many seconds it takes to fully open / close the tapparella, therefore also on the basis of partial openings, theHUB he always knows what the position is.

Il problema is born when the t is commandedapparella manually: opening / closing it even partially, theHUB it is usually found not to know its position. The firmware Sonoff-Tasmota fork of Stefan Bode allows to instruct the actuator in order to make him understand, similarly to what one does with theHUB, what are the implementation times for opening and closing: this causes its to control the engine of the tapparella (manually or via HUB) allows him to always know where the t isapparella, communicating it both on propria web interface that via MQTT:

Sonoff-Tasmota (fork by stefanbode)

As for MQTT, telemetry prolearned (and therefore can be intercepted by personal HUBfor the purposes mentioned above) is of this type:

15:33:41 MQT: tele/sonoff-tapparella/RESULT = {"SHUTTER-1":{"position":27, "direction":0}}
15:33:42 MQT: stat/sonoff-tapparella/RESULT = {"shutterposition1":27}

Obviously the example case suggests that through the firmware it is possible define in configuration a logical element “tapparella " (in this case identified by "SHUTTER-1") which will obviously refer to the two relays present on the actuator. In the case of type I actuators Sonoff 4CH it is possible to define two different elements “tapparella ”, as there are four channels available.

Obviously the firmware inherits the basic functions of the promain jet, including those relating to interlock (interlock) and self-locking, functions appgreasy essentials for controlling two-way electric motors usually used in the motorization of tapparelle.

The firmware is installed on the ESP8266 devices in classic modes.

ITEAD Sonoff BasicATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Sonoff (and more generally to devices ESP8266), for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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