Tado° Intelligent air conditioner

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Proconductor: Tado°
Category: Actuator / Sensore
Type: Thermostatic head for radiator adjustment
Technology: Wi-Fi / Infrared
Installation difficulties: Media
Ease of use: Middle / High
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1
Tado Intelligent Air Conditioner V2
Realize made easy

Il "Smart Air Conditioner Tado°" is a solution from the German Tado GmbH conceived for to domotize practically any modern air conditioner which is not, basically, equipped with technological interfaces such as to allow not only an alternative control to the usual remote control, but also through ignition schedules related to the time of day and even the actual presence of the tenants.

Tado Intelligent Air Conditioner - wall mounted
on the wall.

It is of a small square-shaped device (about ten cm of side) to be mounted on the wall or from appobject on any domestic and able surface, through the proman appcommunication (available for Android and for iOS), to "impersonate" the infrared remote control of the profirst air conditioner. Well made, the unit hides on its front surface (exactly like the Intelligent thermostat Tado°) a LED touch display which displays status information as well as the temperature of the environment, as well as allowing manual control of the functions.

Tado Intelligent Air Conditioner - appoggiato

Essentially, "Smart Air Conditioner Tado°" is an infrared actuator (as well as a thermometer / hygrometer, as we will see later on) with Wi-Fi which, by connecting to proman app, allows users who use it to adjust the switching on / off and the adjustment of the air conditioner without the aid of the original remote control.

This function extends beyond the walls of the house: let it beapp that the unit uses the cloud of promanufacturer to communicate, therefore it is possible to use the described functions even far from home, allowing us to control the domestic temperature remotely.


The installation of the "Intelligent air conditioner Tado°"Is quite simple. It is in fact sufficient to connect the power supply (supplied by the low absorption power supply provided) to the back of the unit, open theapp and select "add device" and follow the proguided cedura. The only precautions must be those of positioning the unit "At sight" of the air conditioner to be checked and within the operating range was originally the proman Wi-Fi.

La profirst installation certificate is necessary to make the actuator understand which model of air conditioner to check: the brand is in fact requested first, then some features (the type of remote control, the lowest and highest adjustable temperature, etc.); you are then asked to point the remote control at the unit and press the ignition twice, then a function simulation is performednamethat closes the proprocedure.

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At this point the unit is configured and working and can begin to operate both manually and automatically.

App and functions

Theapp allows - in addition to the first configuration - to administer the (or le, since it is possible to install more than one in the same environment) units both in terms of manual control and in terms of planning.

It is indeed possible define weekly schedules switch-on / switch-off / adjustment exactly as it was a thermostat for independent heating, only in this case it is mostly a question of setting the cooling temperature (although the device can control also the heating functions, in the case of inverter air conditioners).

The unit is also equipped - as is perhaps obvious - of thermometer and hygrometer, sensors which provideapp the history and trend of these measures.

Tado Intelligent Air Conditioner - graphic The interesting thing is the possibility to use geolocation of the mobile device in which theapp (usually the smartphone) to implement, or not, the schedules. The schedules, in fact, are implemented when at least one of the occupants is detected in the home: when someone is at home, the air conditioner is adjusted according to the planned temperature; in case of absence, on the other hand, it is possible to define different behaviors (switching off, for example), thus guaranteeing maximum economy of use in a completely automatic manner.

She profirst in this, the value of the solution Tado°: in the economy induced by the introduction of this technology. In fact, the "Smart Air Conditioner" makes it possible to automatically optimize the use of the air conditioner in order to guarantee an ideal home comfort without unnecessary waste of electricity.

This saving is indicated by approximately 40%, savings which, if not obtained in the first 100 days, is reimbursed by Tado°.

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Package Contents

Inside the cardboard packaging of the Tado° Intelligent air conditioning is obviously the unit, a power supply, a power cable and several interchangeable plugs for various international standards. The flyers for manuals complete the kit.

Tado Intelligent Conditioner - Package content kitVersions

The most recent version of the basic Kit is the V3 +. Unlike the V2, the V3 + basic kit includes the new App and has a slight restyling of the unit.

The unit in V2 version provides for default the previous version of theApp, which does not provide no additional cost and through which the automatic geolocation functions are available, functions which, with the version associated with V3 + provide for a abbonamemonthly payment of 2,99 euro. In the absence of this abbonamethese functions are manuals.


The degree of compatibility recognized by produttore - outside of that, native, with Tado° mobile app (For Android e iOS), is quite broad.

Natively "Smart Air Conditioner Tado°supports:

It goes without saying that compatibility with the major smart speakers is to be understood as the ability to control the unit and control its functions through voice commands.

Compatibility is absent in the V2 version Appthe HomeKits, while the most recent version V3 + supports it natively. This, as we will see below, is however a proresolvable problem.

In terms of compatibility with air conditioners to be controlled, the solution works with air conditioners equipped with remote controls on which the various functions are visible: set temperature, mode, fan speed, etc. Unfortunately, air conditioners equipped with remote controls without these features incompatible.

Domotics integrability

In terms of home automation integrability, “Intelligent Air Conditioner Tado°"Does not present proproblems.


The whole ecosystem Tado°, as it is known, is widely supported from the known personale HUB Home Assistant. This device is no exception and is recorded with great ease and, unlike the Thermostat or the Heads, is seen as a single one entity of type "Climate"

Tado Intelligent Air Conditioner - Home Assistant Entity

which contains various management attributes. Obviously all these attributes can be easily used in automations and other areas Home Assistant.

This type of candid integration “Intelligent Air Conditioner Tado°" to product valid for implementation by the prostreamlining efficiency of domestic heating through Home Assistant.

Furthermore, integration determines the generation of a convenient type entity "Device Tracker”Which supplies to home automation the geographical position of tenants who have installed on the smartphone theapp Tado°. Finally, the possibility to expose the entities of Home Assistant to HomeKit implicitly makes the Tado a compatible thermostat with the domotic standard Appthem.

We have dedicated this integration an ad hoc guide.


Also 'personale HUB capable of making compatible with Appthe HomeKits devices that natively would not, allow integration with “Intelligent Air Conditioner Tado°". An ad hoc plugin it allows, in fact, to define in the configuration the accessories related to the solution (control unit, thermal sensor, hygrometric sensor).

We have dedicated to the realization of this integration a guide .

Also openHAB e Domoticz they are not inferior, and allow a good level of integration, again using the techniques described above.


Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Tado° Intelligent Air Conditioner - BoAClimatizzatore Intelligente Tado°" can be seen as a true e profirst investment in the moment in which an effective energy saving is reached. The non-consumption of electricity induced by its introduction, in fact, allows this actuator to spend themselves.

Not secondary, then, ease of use and the great degree of domotics integrability, which allows this solution to be seen not as an island but as an an all-round component for our personal home automation.

The economic alternative this actuator is certainly the "Broadlink RM Mini 4“, An extremely elementary actuator which allows you to control multiple devices via infrared (let's forget, however, the functions of energy saving, geolocation, etc. - except for a job Carthusian on proprio personale HUB).

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