Tado° Intelligent Thermostatic Head

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Proconductor: Tado°
Category: Actuator / Sensore
Type: Thermostatic head for radiator adjustment
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1
Tado intelligent thermostatic head - horizontal

"Intelligent Thermostatic Head | tado°” is a German solution Tado° GmbH designed to replace the manual thermovolters for regulating the heat of radiators (or radiators, or radiators) with liquid, whether they are powered by a centralized or autonomous heating system.

As is known, domestic heaters they can be regulated in their temperature (and therefore in the radiated heat) by adjusting the manual valve which regulates the flow in the heating liquid unit from 0% (closed) to 100% (totally open). When the heater is set to 100%, its temperature assumes that of the liquid that passes through it (which it is); lower settings obviously lower the temperature.

Manual thermostatic head
a traditional head.

With the advent and theappof the legislative decree 102 / 2014 which it introduces the obligation of accounting for heat for condominiums with central heating, each radiator is counted in its energy absorption: the energy bill of each apparming is given by the sum of absorption of the individual radiators based, of course, on their adjustment. THE heat meters they are in fact small anti-burglary devices placed in contact with the radiator which cyclically communicate the heat consumption of the unit by radio to a condominium plant.

It goes without saying that the consumption of an environment can be reset adjusting all radiators to 0% (in case of absence, for example) or at least reduced "Lowering" those less useful in certain specific circumstances (rooms not used, or used less).

In case of autonomous plants the argument is similar: energy consumption is given by the temperature of the liquid circulating in the circuit, the hours of ignition and the regulation of the radiators.

Manual valves - the most commonly used - are not ideal to maximize energy consumption. This is because (especially in the presence of many radiators) think of "going around" to raise / lower the valves by hand, every day, more than once a day, for at least 4-5 months a year, it is not umanamethinkable. In these cases yes prousually sees to an "average" adjustment who tries to save goat and cabbage, but remains anyway far from maximum efficiency.

at "Intelligent Thermostatic Head | tado°"Intervenes proprio in this sense. Since it is actually a home automation thermostatic valve, prosee where you don't want / can do it manually: it allows you to plan at profirst home automation (via smartphone, tablet, computer) switch-on times, at what temperature adjust the radiator and what to do in case of absence of the occupants of the environment. Obviously in the presence of more radiators it will be possible to place as many thermostatic heads, allowing the user a diversified planning (eg turning on the bathroom from 6 to 8 in the morning, switching back to late afternoon; bedroom from 18 to 24 etc.).

Moreover, this type of technology guarantees the profirst home automation a punctual census of temperature and relative humidity of the rooms in which the heads are installed, together to the survey history and to the timely analysis of the opening of the valves.

Models & Kits

at "Intelligent Thermostatic Head | tado°"Is available both in"Kit" that as an additional single element.

Il Kit (last version called "V3 +") is composed by:

  • Thermostatic Head tado°
  • Internet Bridge tado°

The head looks like a cylinder similar in size to a traditional head, where it comes from appinstalled. The surface hides a display able to indicate the temperature at which the head is set. Also included in the body of the head a wheel useful to adjust manually (without the need to use theapp control) the temperature.

The package (both of the kit and the additional head) contains mounting rings and instructions; the installation can be carried out independently, as it is extremely simple (it is necessary to unscrew the previous head and screw the new one, without the need for intervention by the plumber).

The kit also contains theInternet Bridge tado° with relative power supply and connection cable and power supply.

Tado intelligent thermostatic head - v3 + kit
Tado intelligent thermostatic head - v3 + kit

TheInternet Bridge tado° it's a small component Wi-Fi necessary to connect the head (s) installed in the environment to the internet cloud offered (included in the cost of the solution) from proconductor. This cloud is needed to enable intelligent power-up functions linked both to the actual presence / absence of the occupants of the environment and to the meteorological conditions, conditions that provide a perfection to the so-called home automationnamento very accurate of the function algorithmsnamento - which helps to further fuel efficiency.

The presence of theInternet Bridge tado° è necessary; it can be connected to the number of heads desired, which can be purchased separately.

Internet Bridge tado°
Internet Bridge tado°

Centralized systems

In case of heating is centralized, maximum energy efficiency and maximum flexibility and user experience are obtained through:

  • a kit (Internet Bridge + Intelligent head);
  • as many intelligent heads as there are radiators to cover, except the one obviously covered by the first head included in the kit.

Head tado° kit v3 0 Functions

Autonomous systems

In case of heating is instead autonomous, maximum efficiency is achieved by implementing:

  • smart thermostat tado°;
  • as many intelligent heads as there are radiators;
  • an internet bridge.

The "Intelligent thermostat tado°"(To which we have dedicated extensive evaluation sheet) is a device that basically regulates the switching on of the plant proheat production. In havenamento with the heads, creates one overall synergy for which not only the heads can be planned and regulated with the dynamics described above, but also la proheat production itself.

Since the thermostat is available both as a single unit and as a kit (therefore in havenamewith the Internet Bridge) and given that in the presence of this thermostat and the heads of the Internet bridge it is necessary at least in one unit, those wishing to equip themselves with a complete home automation system could choose (based on convenience) to buy, alternatively

  • or thermostat kit + as many single heads as there are radiators;
  • or head kit + single thermostat + as many heads as there are thermosiphonsi (excluding the one covered by the first head included in the kit).

The solution provides the availability for configuration and management of the devices through final management tools call "tado°"(Mobile app for Android e iOS).

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The most recent version of the basic Kit is the V3 +. Unlike the V3, the V3 + basic kit includes the new App and presents an unspecified hardware improvement; for example, a newly developed chip set and greater compatibility.

The V2 and V3 basic kits provide by default the previous version of theApp, which does not include any additional costs and through which the automatic geolocation functions are available, functions which, with the version associated with the V3 + provide for a abbonamemonthly payment of 2,99 euro. In the absence of this abbonameThese functions are manual.

Unlike the V3 base kit, the basic kit V2 contains the version of Bridge not compatible with Apple Homekits and without the button pairing.

Investment and savings

Based on the choices made, the economic investment it can vary a lot, as well as the subsequent savings.

Although these technologies are certainly not cheap, induced savings from lack of consumption (guaranteed by these control logics) it depreciates investment over time, more or less reduced also based on the surrounding conditions (thermal efficiency of the environment and of the systems themselves, climate, etc.).

Tado° Thermostatic Head Intelligent kit Basic V3no longer available
Tado° Thermostatic Head Intelligent kit Basic V3 +updated price
Tado° Thermostatic Head Intelligent additionalupdated price

Finally, Tado acknowledges a refund "Money Back"For those who, during the first year of purchase, they were not convinced of the investment made.


The degree of compatibility recognized by produttore - outside of that, native, with tado° mobile app (For Android e iOS), is really very large.

Naturally the ecosystem tado° supports:

Practically all.
It goes without saying that compatibility with the major smart speakers is to be understood as the ability to interrogate the various devices (heads, but also thermostats) and control their functions through voice commands.

Domotics integrability

Even in terms of home automation integrability, tado° you do not miss anything: first of all, offers total compatibility with Home Assistant, which not only manages to detect the status of the devices as well as to drive them, but also to use the internal parameters as sensors to be included in home automation. In practice it is possible to integrate a thermal sensor per room where a component is present tado° (which is a Thermostatic Head and / or a Thermostat). We have dedicated this integration an ad hoc guide.

It also has compatibility with openHAB, Domoticz e Homebrige, although compared to the latter the compatibility has been rendered useless since tado° made compatible with Appthe HomeKits, natively, the devices (v3 + version).

Also with Homey, the known personal hardware HUB, no prointegrability problem thanks to the presence ofapp dedicated.


Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Tado Intelligent Thermostatic Head - Buy on AmazonThe "Intelligent Thermostatic Heads tado°"We like them a lot because they are functional, belle on the aesthetic level, compatible with any management technology, highly integrable with HUB personal.

We like them a little less for the price: certainly the expense to be faced (which can however be tackled by degrees, introducing components a little at a time) is not trivial. It is true that the cost of inefficient heating (especially when centralized) is not indifferent, especially for very large environments: the savings introduced by these technologies are able to spend them in a short time.
Moreover, it is also true that the Tado remain the absolute thermostatic heads best to date from us probard.

Technology tado° allows, through the techniques explained, to save substantially on the energy bill while improving well-being: in fact abandoning the prehistoric logic of the “average adjustment”Of the radiators you can get to planning on time that allows you to save where the heat is not always necessary and increase the well-being of the most experienced areas of the house - when, among other things, they actually are. Stop the heating in the absence of the occupants - and all automatically.

Finally, the compatibility and integrability: collateral and non-secondary aspects are those related to compatibility (very wide, almost rare) and above all to domotica integration, which guarantees a wide range of a solution certainly not conceived as a remote island in the Pacific but rather as something scalable and harmonizable with the rest of the profirst personal home automation.

If you choose the top, objectively you choose Tado.

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