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Proconductor: Telegram
Availability: on-line
Category: online service
Type: messaging
Implementation difficulties: low


Telegram it is essentially aapplished here free messaging which, compared to propri antagonists (WhatsApp in the head), has many arrows to the probow that make it, today, perhaps the best in circulation:

  • it's totally cross-platform, or has clients for mobile and desktop devices;
  • it is cloud-based, so the key device is not the mobile phone: all clients (of a given user) can work simultaneously;
  • it is based on API, which allows to realize appthird-party licenses that use its messaging as a communication channel;
  • it is free;
  • was the first to implement end-to-end cryptography, to ensure a high degree of confidentiality of communications.

As mentioned, Telegram is available HERE both for classic mobile devices:

Telegram Mobile

than for the fixed ones:

Telegram Desktop

Beyond that on the web, via browser.

Home automation notifications Home Assistant via Telegram

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