Tile: the founder with a domotic soul

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Proconductor: Tile, Inc.
Category: Sensore
Type: Locator
Technology: Bluetooth Low Energy
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1

Tile Mate

"Tile"(Or rather, the family "Tile" is not exactly a "home automation" component: it is rather the embodiment of that concept for which certain technological components can do - in addition to their profession - something for our personal home automation.

"Tile" is a family of small bluetooth objects (low consumption) of square shape which serve, essentially, to find objects through smartphone, and vice versa.

Theapp "Tile" (available for Android e iOS) serves - after the first configuration - to make the various "tiles" play in proown possession within the radius of 90 meters. It will be enough to place the β€œtile” on bunches of keys, wallets, backpacks, collars of domestic animals πŸ™‚ in order to identify them with a single gesture.

The other way around, you can press the button on the / on the "Tile" to make the phone ring to which they are matched, so as to find it where it has been lost.


The plus of such objects is in the indirect characteristic resulting fromapp itself which can act as Tracker for our home automation based on Home Assistant.

As it is known, one of the most interesting features in the use of this personal HUBis to be able to define of automations linked to presence / absence of the occupants of the domotic environment. This absence / presence is guaranteed by the implementation of the component "Device Tracker"Which, through various platforms connected to it, guarantees theHUB the status (and in some cases, the punctual geographical position) of the various people.

Unfortunately - especially for Android users - there are few platforms that work effectively and reliably. One of this is Nmap, which allows to deduce the presence through the connection of the telephone of such person to the Wi-Fi housekeeper ("if it is connected, the person is present; if it is not connected, it is not"), But that platform has a number of proproblems that make it unreliable.
One of the ideal platforms (translated: that works well) is that deriving from the use of the component "iOS"Of Home Assistant, but it is for theappdedicated for users only Apple.

The use of "Tile" (one for each person) combined withapp (for Android or iOS) is one of the solutions to this proBlema through, apptogether, the platform "Tile" di Home Assistant, which queries the cloud on which theappmobile communication (and therefore the β€œTile”) communicates, providing not just the actual presence at home of various people, but also the absolute geography position, allowing the implementation of even more complex automations ("when Marco arrives at school, I sent a notificationβ€œ).

Tile integration vs Home Assistant
the functional scheme of integration with Home Assistant.


"Tile"Is basically available in three models,"Pro”(In version Standard, Sports o Style), "Mate" and "Slim"

The differences are many: while the "Slim" version He has not a replaceable battery (which lasts one year), the other two yes; the "Mate" version, with its 7 weight grams, is the lightest. Finally, the "Pro"Guarantees coverage up to 90 meters, unlike the" only "30 of the" Slim ".

The versions Sport and Style of "Pro"Are basically the same prodotto, the first oriented to sports use (it is water resistant) while the second is more elegant.

Obviously, prices also change from model to model.

USA BPrice
ProStandardupdated price
Styleupdated price
Sportsupdated price
Slimupdated price
Mateupdated price

tile - models


In terms compatibility, the "Tile" devices are natively compatible with Amazon Echo (Alexa), to which it is possible to ask "where is the tile" through an ad hoc skill (only in English). No compatibility with Appthe HomeKits, with Google Home (Assistant) nor with IFTTT.

Domotics integrability

As anticipated widely, integration with Home Assistant it is guaranteed by the "Tile" platform and is a very valid ally for tracking the occupants' presence in the domotic environment.
We have dedicated an ad hoc guide to understand how to implement this integration.

No supplements are available for Homebridge (although there is a plugin for tracking bluetooth trackers), openHAB and for Domoticz.

final Thoughts

Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Tile Mate - Buy on Amazon"Tile" is a very convenient tool for careless, for the people with difficulty of view, perhaps over the years.

It is certainly a valid ally for not losing objects of various nature, as well as for finding again the prophone at home or in the office.

It is cheap, funziona bene, is now widespread and - especially for the "Mate" and "Pro"- guarantees the value over time, given the possibility of replacing the batteries, respectively a CR1632 and a CR2032 (button batteries).

Finally, what interests us most: home automation integrability. There are many platforms for the device tracking on Home Assistant: this works very well, is precise and functional. THE proverbal two birds with one stone.

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