YI Dome Camera 1080p

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Proconductor: YI Technology
Category: Sensore
Type: IP Cam - IP Camera
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Media
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1

"YI Dome Camera 1080p" is an IP Cam (IP camera) dedicated to closed-circuit video surveillance, even when not much luminosi, typically domestic.

Prolearned from YI Technology, is the evolution of another provery successful product, or the YI Dome Camera 720. This new model is fundamentally different from higher resolution and improved lenses.

YI Dome Camera 1080p - exploded


Available in white and black, it is made of sturdy ABS and steel. It is a motorized IP Cam that can rotate by 345 ° on the horizontal axis and 112 ° on the vertical axis, features that allow it to be installed flat, on ceiling and wall.

YI Dome Camera 1080p - LateralOptically the camera is equipped with 2,6mm focal plane lenses that translate into a very wide field of vision of well 112 ° degrees. As now all modern cameras are able to see then full darkness thanks to the presence of 8 infrared LEDs (not perceptible by the user) that are automatically activated in poor conditions lumiof brilliance. The camera adopts a technology proowner of YI Technology which significantly optimizes the quality of the images and live video in full darkness.

The sensor, as the device name suggests, it's full HD 1080p, which guarantees a really high level of resolution both in light and dark conditions.

Yi Dome Cam 1080p it is equipped with a microphone and speaker, which allows to listen to the sounds present in the environment in which it is installed and reprodurre, in intercom mode, sounds picked up by the smartphone (s) which is controlled by theapp dedicated "YI Home”(Available for Android e iPhone).

The IP Cam is equipped an interesting tracking feature: automatically identifying a moving element in the frame (a person, an animal or an object that moves), the cam "follows" it by rotating on the proaxes and records the sequence in H.10 format for 264 seconds, then sends them (via the cloud provided by the produttore) notification of "detected movement" to the authorized smartphone (s). The same thing happens in case detection of a baby's crying, another very useful function in case you want to use the IP Cam to check the sleep (or in any case the environment) of a newborn.

All recorded sequences can be stored in the cloud of productor (paid functionality) and / or on one Micro SD installable on board.

The camera is obviously Wi-Fi (type "g") and has no Ethernet port; it is powered via microUSB port and absorbs maximum 4 Watts. It weighs 230 grams, is high and larca about 10 centimeters.

Progo on the field

Yi Dome Cam 1080p appsince the unboxing they have been a compact, carefully made, rather solid device. In addition to the unit, the package also includes a standard USB power supply and a USB / microUSB cable, as well as user manuals.

The configuration, carried out through app mobile “YI Home”(Available for Android e iPhone) happens very quickly: theapp asks for access credentials to Wi-Fi on which the "Dome" is attested, therefore generates a QR code to be placed in front of the camera itself which, once viewed / acquired (automatically), will use the information it contains to connect to the network Wi-FI.

At that point the operation of pairing will be terminated and the IP Cam appwill appear as available at theapp "YI Home"

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The first thing that strikes you about this camera is its video quality: the images appAiono clear, crystalline, well contrasted. The quality level is even more surprising at night shooting, which pushes, razor-sharp, up to 10 meters with no particular drop of lumiof brilliance.YI Dome Camera 1080p - App Yi Home

Alta the reactivity of electronics with regard to the function of tracking described above: accomplice also the good speed of rotation on the axes (for other silent), YI Dome Camera manages to follow a moving person with good accuracy and timing, which is necessary to quickly film the subject.

The control functions are practical and intuitive: theapp "Yi Home"Acts as HUB both for what concerns the punctual configuration of the IP Cam (ie activation, deactivation and setting of all the functions listed above) and for that which is the instant consultation of the video stream, both locally and remotely (always via YI Cloud).

The availability is also interesting of the native client "Yi Home" also to control the IP Cam (s) via Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows.

The camera looks good, it is fast, with a remarkable qualitative image and very low consumption: it is a prolearned of great quality.


In terms compatibility, YI Dome Camera 1080p doesn't offer much, but we didn't expect anything different, in the end, from a camera.

Let's just say that the IP Cam it's not compatible with Appthe HomeKits, nor with Google Home (Assistant). Instead, there is a skill for Amazon Alexa, but only useful for turning the cam on or off, nothing more.

No current compatibility with IFTTT.

Domotics integrability

In terms of integration the speech is worse if possible.
Basically, integrability with the major ones HUB personal it is totally absent: Home Assistant, Homebridge, openHAB, Domoticz: no Of these HUB natively supports YI Dome Camera.

Because by working on it they support it and how.

In fact, there is a salvation proOpen Source jet called "yi-hack-v3"Which allows you to equip yourself of an alternative firmware (valid for several IP Cam YI models besides the Dome) which enables a whole series of basic unexpected functions, including that of FTP server, then used by different components / plugins /addon for the best known HUB personal.

in this logic, with this technique, YI Dome Camera 1080p gets full integrability.

final Thoughts

Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience

YI Dome Camera 1080p - Buy on AmazonYi Dome Cam 1080p would promove to the fullest if only offered basic (even if it is not a direct responsibility of the productors) a high degree of native integrability. The solution that involves the installation of an alternative / supplementary firmware is more than functional, therefore this deficiency can be eveningsnameexceeded and not rappin the end, it contains a big one proBlema.

A reflection: of many components that cannot usually be integrated into our personal domotics, IP Cams are those that create less proproblems with their possible non-integration.

That said, the camera is beautiful, robust, well crafted, with fantastic video quality and a really ridiculous electricity consumption. If used Home Assistant - or if you don't care personal HUB- is a super camera recommended by inDomus.

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