Home Automation: 2019-2020 WINTER SPECIAL

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The cold season arrives and, with her, the inDomus specials dedicated to improving home comfort and saving energy thanks to proman personal home automation.

Obviously, everyone's choices regarding room heating techniques are not the subject of this special analysis: if anything, what interests us most as a home automation community is the techniques to optimize through it la proheat production both in terms of comfort and - certainly not a minor one - with a view to saving. To discuss the experiences of other community users, we recommend to access theOPEN BOARD dedicated to this theme.

IN PRIMIS: The Hardware

FIBARO Heat Controller thermostatic headOne can hardly think of managing domotically the prosystem of proheat production without the adoption of adequate intelligent components. Regardless of whether you are in the presence of a heater centralized o autonomous, are definitely the thermostatic heads to be one of the most popular actuators in recent years.

The reason is simple: especially in a centralized environment (where the feared heat meters have become, by law, a bugbear for those who previously consumed without brakes), these components allow a punctual regulation of room temperature, especially considering the presence - or not - of the occupants.

There are many models of thermostatic heads; among them some known by us are, for example:

Wanting to spend very little, however, with an electronic head and programmable, we recommend:

Netatmo thermostatTHERMOSTAT

Another matter, but equally important, is that linked to the reality of the thermostats for independent heating: these are components vital for those who own a plant for theappindependent, this is because they are actuators that can, for the most part, adapt to the different technologies of proheat production (boiler, heat pumps, etc.) and that allow - similarly to the intelligent thermostatic heads - to obtain an energy saving and a perfect calibration of the domestic heat, what is needed when needed. Obviously the maximum efficiency, in autonomous systems, is given by the co-presence of intelligent thermostats and intelligent thermostatic heads.

Some of the best known thermostats (all Wi-Fi, autonomous, with geolocation) are:

Minut Point

Finally, apart from heads and thermostats, what is most needed is certainly the temperature and humidity sensors, essential elements - especially if used in thenamento ai personal HUB- for the study of the thermal behavior of the profirst home. Some recommended sensors are:


Notwithstanding what a nice ride on our guide "home automation for neophytes" (above all if you are a novice) never hurts, let's see which guides /proso far we have designed jets dedicated to regulation of the domestic winter climate:

then we go up on the highest steps, with an increasing level of difficulty but also a growing level of technology and energy efficiency:

On the sidelines, a theme, however, linked to the climate, that weather forecasts in home automation:



Due the episodes of our podcast expressly dedicated to this theme. A half-hour overall description of the theme, of illustration - in broad terms - of how home automation can be really useful during the winter phase of the year.

Episode 1 - Episode 2

In short, so many things to read, listen to, understand, to deal with.

Your home can become alive in the face of very limited expenditure, an expense that more often than not is absorbed - due to lack of consumption - in a few weeks. Enjoy the reading! The community is waiting for you on the forum for any curiosity, question, clarification.

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