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The question that many users pose Appthose who have adopted, like personale HUB, the solution Home Assistant, it's always the same "I will be able to use theapp Appthe Casa and Siri to control my home automation?

Appthe HomePod
Appthe HomePods.

Especially in this era of widespread use of smart speakers, lovers of the bitten apple brand have found the prosatisfaction in theAppthe HomePod, a smart speaker of great quality (and cost) equipped, among other things, with Appthe Syrians as a voice assistant.

This is why the question above often occurs: the owners of HomePod (but also of iPhone and iPad with Siri activated) who based the probefore personal domotics su Home Assistant they would like, rightly, to be able to control it through voice commands to Siri, as well as being able to use at the same time theapp "Home" of iOS. Moreover, many users ask not only to be able to use Siri, but also - at the same time, why not - voice assistants like Amazon Alexa e Google Assistant.

It can be done?

Sure that can be done ... otherwise we would not have written this page! 🙂


The first thing to do is - of course - implement Home Assistant (in any of the many possible ways) and include all of them proyour home automation entities: sensors, devices, lights, switches, actuators. The primary goal is to succeed integration as much as possible of what you own or plan to integrate into home automation.

Once a configuration is reached minimally stable in terms of additions, but also of awareness with respect to the functionnameof theHUB (as powerful as it is potentially complex - that's why they are there our guides and training cards - it is possible to raise all (or part) of the entity ofHUB to Appthe HomeKits.


Home Assistant has, starting with the 0.64 version, a magical component called (with just little imagination) "HomeKit", Which allows to expose all (or part) of the entities defined in configuration to Appthe HomeKits: translated, this means the items present on Home Assistant (switches, lights, climate systems and almost everything can be defined in the configuration) become visible at theapplished here Appthe "House" as if they were accessories autonomous compatible Appthe HomeKits.

This resolves in full the proproblem of being able to use (also) “Home” to manage the profirst personal home automation, although it is based on Home Assistant.

Furthermore, this solves indirectly an altro proBlema, or that related to remote control: where you have a device like iPad AppTVs and / or HomePods, it can act as a "bridge" between the home environment and the external environment, which will allow us to remotely control home automation using our mobile device (eg. iPhone) andapp "Home" - preventing us from activating remote control of Home Assistant.


At this point, the proproblem related to Siri (used via HomePod smart speaker as on iPhone / iPad /macOS) is already solved: this personal assistant allows you to automatically check any entity on theapp "Home"… app which we explained - in the previous paragraph - as a life popular starting from the entities of Home Assistant.

This means that if I have a light configured as such near Home Assistant, and having exposed it (through the component "HomeKit") towards AppHomeKit, I can certainly ask Siri to turn it on, turn it off, adjust it. So for any other type of entity.


Nothing prevents us once pulled up Home Assistant, to expose it not only to HomeKit, but also towards (even simultaneously) towards Amazon Alexa and / or Google Home. This personale HUB in fact provides for the possibility of integrating - exposing them proentity - even to these two smart speakers, which do not provide an intermediate environment (which it is AppHomeKit for Siri) but can be federated directly.

It is therefore not excluded - as long as it makes sense, but so much so - to use Siri, Alexa, Assistant simultaneously with proprio Home Assistant.

Five good reasons why AppHomeKit trudges (and one for which he can still win)

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