Appit is still alive. But is HomeKit the same?

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A few hours from the end of yesterday's opening session on WWDC 2019 a certain sentence can be issued with certainty: Apple is still alive.

It is not a foregone statement. In the last few years Apphe sometimes has them disappointed who, from appAroused by new technologies, he experienced with great enthusiasm his irresistible early Renaissance 2000: standard-bearer and avant-garde of innovation, Apphas long been the protagonista to be marked tight, to be imitated, to be exploited as an extraordinary source of inspiration. But these last few years have brought some signs of decline - perhaps not financially, but certainly of vision - a trend that is interrupted in the light of what was presented last night. At least, hopefully.

Il WWDC 2019, we said: this is the Worldwide Developer Conference, a five day gathering in San Francisco the best developers of applicenses related to the ecosystem Appthe. The WWDC has always been the occasion for the apple brand to present novelties both in terms of functionality and in terms of new devices and / or services.

At 19 Italian time last night, in the usual formula of the secular mass of Jobs-iana memory, Apppresented them a large number of news both in software and hardware. Beyond a new, very powerful Mac PRO, many are also the novelties starting from SwiftUI, the new one macOS Catalina, iPadOS, as well as the highly anticipated - as always - iOS, this time in version 13.

Although, as mentioned, overall the innovations presented by Appare they far more than expected and, allow us the right to report, far more substantial of previous occasions (just think of the animated faces Animoji have been dedicated "only" ten minutes, hurray), which for our part, by mandate, has left much, much to be desired is the space reserved for Appthe HomeKits, proprogram dedicated to personal domotics.

As we have not failed to point out at the beginning of this year, HomeKit is undergoing a "controlled impasse": following the announcement of the 2017 in terms of "opening" of the programma a prototipazione (thanks to which we have available elements of great value such as Homebridge), very few have since been the news really substantial compared to this important ecosystem of personal home automation.

Works With Appthe HomeKits

Although the details have not yet been appromelt in appropriato (it is not excluded that important news have not simply been mentioned in the two hours [...] of keynote), what has transpired in the presentation of Tim Cook & companions is the existence of only two important novelties in HomeKit: Secure Video e Secure router.

Secure Video it will be a mode for which HomeKit enabled IP Cams will be able to dialogue with the final control systems Apple (smartphone, tablet, computer) via end-to-end encryption, which means that no, in addition to our devices, will have access to the images of the video stream of the cameras. Furthermore Appit will seem to offer an additional cloud service which will allow the online storage of video streams procoming from our IP Cams. For a fee, it's clear.

As regards the Secure Router, it seems that Linksys, Eero, and Spectrum (but the list should get longer) prothey will have routers specifically HomeKit certified such as to allow a sort of "firewalling" of the individual home automation devices present in the private network. We are all a thrill.

WWDC 2019 - Appthe HomeKit Secure Routers
Craig Federighi at a time of yesterday's presentation.

That said: not a word on many shortcomings glaring of the projet: not a word about the desire to improve automation support, not one about the possibility of using old iPhones like BRIDGE Pets. Men less, not a word about the possible release of aapp "Home" for operating systems Android, or on the evolution ofapp "Home" at new macOS Catalina.
"Apple Music ”yes,“ Casa ”no. God forbid, they are choices.

In short: real meat on the fire, very little. Proclami, great use of superlatives as usual, but as regards personal domotics Appit doesn't seem to her - not even this year - to have wanted to invest to make it even the closest to large alternative areas such as, for example, the world of HUB personal. Evidently making funny faces to turn into ever more detailed Animoji is more important, though Appthe, with respect to equipping the propri users of a domotic management environment with a more advanced minimum.

Maybe we're just speculating: the WWDC it lasts five days, so maybe (and maybe we stress) the little time available (...) during keynote won't have given way to Appto present all the news of the proHomeKit range, novelties that will eventually emerge in the prodays.

Frankly we believe little. Appit proved to be very lacking in the desire to support with commitment a proconceptually brilliant, but which today becomes more obsolete, almost caricatured compared to the possibilities of other operating realities.

We will see. We will obviously keep our ears facing west. If something - crumbs or not - will emerge, you will be the first to be informed by inDomus.

Appthe 2019 HomeKits


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