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We have spoken on several occasions of "compatibility”In the domotic environment. We did it often and willingly through the Podcast, in the pages dedicated to ours training course for beginners, on chat, on the forum.
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Google Home  e  Google Home MiniThe reason for this fixation is explained by the will of this community to provide the user the necessary awareness in adopting a domotic yes functional, but above all scalable, expandable, integrable, which does not age with the environment in which it has fallen but if anything it evolved with it, making spending over time an investment to earn and not one to lose.

Certainly compatibility does not pass only from the one guaranteed to this or that environment / service / functionality (Appthe HomeKits? Google Home? IFTTT?), But also and especially from that to i HUB personal How Home Assistant, openHAB, Domoticz, Homebridge. Apparently, however, from this ear i procomponent manufacturers and solutions seem not to hear us or more proprobably seem not to be interested and / or informed, unaware of the fact that together to the growing interest in home automation there is a growing awareness - of which in Domus is the standard bearer - on the real value of a domotic component in terms of integrability compared to what you already own.Gigaset Elements Water

Let's take a sensor. Quite simply: a thermal one. It may also be the best sensor in the world, very accurate, accurate to the hundredth of a degree, but it will be completely useless in home automation if then, in addition to consulting it (perhaps with “his appmobile communication propietaria ”) I will not be able to turn on / off a fan for example - perhaps controlled by another actuator proemployer - based on thermal thresholds.

But if that sensor and that actuator are the two different ones proproducers make them compatible for example with Home Assistant - furthermore declaring in the technical specifications! - then I will be willing to buy, because I will be equipped upstream of a personal HUBlike, apptogether, Home Assistant, I will have different elements available which will be able to "speak" all in one language in a single environment, literally allowing me to do, of my home automation, what i want.

tado° thermostatHere's why, dear producers, "what we want is compatibility"Certainly, it is useful that you provide us with this characteristic towards the most common environments and services, but it is now that you begin to open your eyes and decide to provide the Open Source community for example Public APIs for your devices, "open" them to customization (learn from ITEAD!), make them openly compatible with HUB most common personal, in short, you avoid entering into lock-in to you, because it is not certain that you will retain us.

You will do it, if anything, giving value to our purchases and also to your solutions, which will certainly become greater than we already recognize you.

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