Experience the personal domotics by spending ... 35 euro

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Let's start from an assumption: home automation is something that intrigues you, but you don't know anything about it.

We put go to understand what it is, then of provary it, test it, experiment it, but without losing capital: just the taste of understanding if it's worth, or not.

Where to start?
What do you need?

First of all you need some basic culture and, betting on your desire to learn (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this page) to get yourself, at the right moment, a moment to read at least the training path what we wrote for you.

What should I already have available?

Independently whether you have an Android phone / tablet or Apple, what you need is:

  • a computer (fixed, portable, the same) that you mount or an operating system Windows, Apple or Linux;
  • as mentioned, a phone / tablet Android or Appthe;
  • a network Wi-Fi domestic.

What do I have to buy?

You need:


With 35 euro you can start doing a more than satisfactory experimentation and simulate a whole series of use cases.

What should I do immediately after receiving the material?

Well, you have to make a choice, and the choice shows you the last piece of the above mentioned training path, or "How to choose a personale HUB"

In EXTREME SYNTHESIS, if you use all iPhone / iPad at home it will be sufficient to install and configure on your computer β€œHomebridge"; if you use Android or Android / iPhone at home, you will have to do it with β€œHome Assistant"

Installed one of the two HUB (based on personal need), you will go to riprogrammare the Sonoff Basic with firmware Tasmota, after that proyou will integrate it into home automation Homebridge o Home Assistant.

The first big step will be taken.

At this point the challenge will be that to integrate an air conditioner (or a TV, or something controllable via infrared) integrating yours Broadlink to your experimental home automation. On inDomus you will find a couple of such guides proposito:

  • how to domotize an air conditioner with Home Assistant
  • how to domotize an air conditioner with Homebridge
  • how to domotize a colored LED strip with Homebridge

But why should I do all this brothel? I do not first buy the solutions that I find on the market - if I go - and many greetings?
Sure, you can also do so, of course. But there are excellent reasons to leave on the right foot, and we don't say it: common sense says it. Read some focus, reason on it.


Our community is here for you too. Ask, if you want clarifications, information, details, no money because we are poor in the barrel.

See you soon! πŸ˜‰

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