Home automation: do it yourself?

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The home automation of the year 2020 presents some proBlema.
Primarily, few know exactly what they are talking about. Mostly we hear about "smart home", "home of the future", "robotic appliances", but it is difficult to grasp the real point of the question. The media does not help: many articles, even approfoundation, sometimes sins of superficiality, creating even more confusion in the reader. Yet home automation, in Italy and in the world, is of interest: the data say it, the attention with which the adults promanufacturers of home appliances and home accessories look to this emerging market.
Secondly, "it's a thing for the rich". It is a widespread refrain, also due to the retail prices of products that mostly we already have at home, and that work perfectly even without being domotic, which “we will wait to change it when it breaks". Finally, the distrust of something unknown: "I'm not familiar to", Therefore I do not embark on a company perhaps bigger than me, also in light of the two previous points.

Thus an opportunity is lost, that of a modernity for the most part simple and sustainable.

Home automation is nothing particularly complex, more than anything else it is a structured and ample theme, but that can be summed up in a few simple concepts. It is enough to use a minimum of abstraction and imagine that any device (mostly electric) present in the house suddenly stops being "an island" of functionality and becomes, improvvisamente, equipped with a language that allows it to speak and interact with other devices, as well as with those who own them, or us.

Until now a light bulb has been a device capable of making light. End. I activate the switch and she gets thelumina, turn it off and she turns off. The air conditioner, I feel hot, take the remote control, turn it on, stop feeling hot.
There are gods, however, that - let me say - not rappresent proproblems, but that certainly rappmake exceptions.
I come home loaded with shopping bags, maybe with the baby in my arms. I enter the house, and maybe the light switch is not proeasy to activate in the dark. It would be convenient if, entering the house, I said "lights!" (Or let him tell the child, who would certainly have more fun than me) and the lights went on. It would be convenient if, living in a appvery hot, I could instruct the air conditioner to light up "when I leave work" - and with this, we don't mean programmar it at a certain time. We intend to "turn it on when it detects that I physically left the office", with obvious energy savings, especially if my schedules are the most diverse.
Is it black magic? No, it's home automation.

Money speech. Home automation costs. Much. Too. End of the matter. Today (although things will change in the years to come, but today it is so) we get to pay tens of euros for a smart (or controllable) electrical outlet. Furthermore, no person paying attention to household expenses would spend a sum to replace a functioning appliance / device just because home automation teases him. So it is true that he is rich!
No it is not. It is not because the writer has domotized the functions of the proprio appartamento (illumination, heating, conditionnamealarm, electrical utilities, water and gas delivery valves) with less than 300 euros and a bit of commitment - which also dismantles the fear of procapacity. It is not because an alternative solution exists. It is not because it is possible to keep a large part of the propri appliances / devices and equip them with more capacity than when they were created and then purchased.

This small article presents this community, inDomus, and answers the initial question: it is possible to realize in profirst one procomplete, affordable, reliable home automation?


It is possible because there is a world made of proOpen Source jets which allow us to carry out the above, a home automation profirst and personalized. It is possible because there are those who decide to found a community dedicated to the theme, to offer a training course that is useful for those who want to get closer to this world, if only to be clear about what this home automation is and what can be achieved.

If you are curious, take a few minutes and start from here.
Welcome on inDomus.

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