How to check a Sonoff after having reprogrammate the firmware

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ITEAD Sonoff Basic

Some of the questions that more often circulate on ours chat and our forum (as well as on social networks in general) are those related toignotor postriprogrammation of a component Sonoff.

As sappe are, ITEAD Sonoff Smart Home is a line of home automation actuators / sensors based on ESP8266 chips which, by simple means proquick cedures appperformance, can be “reprogrammati ”in order to disconnect them from the original firmware (which - in addition to various limitations - requires the use of the cloud of the proproducer, with all the possible ones prosecurity problems connected to it) and equip them to sign alternative, open source, which them aprono to a whole series of additional features.

This is the case of the well-known firmware Sonoff-Tasmota, who appunto makes available to these cheap but versatile components proadditional tocolli, standard, as well as a series of functionalities not foreseen in the factory. The same result is achieved by using such firmware Espurna and / or ESPEasy. It is a matter of preference, but in the end they are all a bit similar.

But what happens after reprogrammato a Sonoff?

First of all, compatibility is immediately lost con theapp mobile ITEAD eWeLink. Even the devices previously surveyed / checked with such appwill no longer be reachable.
Seems like this is a Caporetto!

How can I do, quindi, to check my devices?


The first interface towards a Sonoff riprogrammato (regardless of the firmware chosen) is usually the web one. In practice it will be a matter of connecting, via browser, to that interface using the ip of the address Sonoff same, ip deductible through various techniques usually explained in the guides of riproprogramming.

This interface allows to configure (and check) the device in all its components and functions; is the command bridge and the hall macchine at the same time. This interface, however, has lor disadvantage need to be evoked whenever you want to check (for example its on / off) the device. This approis obviously not optimal for everyday use, especially in the presence of multiple components Sonoff.


Alternative firmware offers the implementation of prostandard control packages, such as the HTTP (not to be confused with the web interface), KNX and especially, MQTT.

These protocolli aprono to the possibility of controlling the ri devicesprogrammati through any client that supports these prostandard tocolli. For example, MQTT Buddy it's a'app for Appthe iOS that allows you to define "virtual" switches that act - using the protocol MQTT - on actuators that offer this protocollo (so, perhaps, a Sonoff riproprogrammed).

Nb To this proposito reading is recommended careful was originally the guide dedicated to the configuration of the MQTT components in the profirst home automation.

We go better already. We return to the concept of final management tool which allows us to control the component (s) as we did previously with theapp ITEAD eWeLink.

The last one proBlema to solve is relative to remote control: since theapp eWeLink exploits (-va) the cloud of promanufacturer as a "bridge" between the Sonoff (original) and the final management tool (the smartphone), allowing us to control it wherever you are. If you lose compatibility with eWeLink, this function is lost: the above solution (the example of MQTT Buddy) works indeed alone being on the local network where the Sonoff modified and the MQTT broker (if no decision is made - improearnestly - to expose the latter to the Internet or to use a broker external). Outside the proman Wi-Fi, it ceases to function.


At this point what saves us - and motivates the 100% to change the firmware of a Sonoff - is the use, for the profirst personal home automation, of a personale HUB.

Whatever personale HUB that respects (Home Assistant, Homebridge, openHAB etc.) possesses in itself the possibility of defining in configuration the entities that control and receive / send communications through i protocolli standard mentioned above. This software component can be run on different systems, one above all Raspberry Pi.

Given that the characteristics of a personale HUB are:

  • harmonization of home automation components;
  • use of prostandard tocolli;
  • local / remote control via appmobile licenses (eg. Home Assistant Companion);
  • can see its entities controlled by the smart speakers (Google Home, Amazon Echo);

it comes by itself that the instrument assigned to the full, standard, local and remote control of a Sonoff riprogrammato both thepersonale HUB.

I should therefore reprogrammare a Sonoff to control it through personale HUB?

DO NOT, or at least not only for this: if anything I should equip myself with an instrument like thepersonale HUB because it's the right thing to do if I want to equip myself with a well-made, complete, safe, functional and harmonious home automation system. The fact of riproprogram the firmware a Sonoff it's just a consequence which, among the various advantages, allows me to harmonize it with the rest of my home automation based on HUB.


A clarification on the smart speakers should be made: Sonoff-Tasmota Provides you emulation Philips Hue/ Belkin Wemo such as to allow direct control through Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant, which directly "see" the device as if it were a switch of those brands without the need for other accessory configurations or other elements such as HUB personal.

In conclusion

The riprogrammation of an ITEAD component Sonoff Smart Home:

  • unrelated to the use of theapp eWeLink and related cloud of proconductor;
  • introduces prostandard tocolli and additional functions (eg the "BLINK");
  • allows us to control it through personale HUB and therefore allow them to interact with:
    • other home automation components that are not of the same line products;
    • the smart speakers
    • with remote control offered byHUB same.

Here because riprogramming un Sonoff it is always basic a great idea.

How to configure MQTT on the devices of the profirst home automation

ITEAD Sonoff BasicATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Sonoff (and more generally to devices ESP8266), for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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